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Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage Every time you book a massage or attend a virtual wellness event with Healing Hands, something great happens in the world. For every employee who participates in one of our wellness programs, we give one day of access to e-learning to a child in India. For every client who gets a massage, we give 4 days of access to clean water to a family in Cambodia.

We believe every business has the power to change lives by integrating giving into its everyday activities. Healing Hands is committed to helping individuals live their best lives at work and at home by providing wellness services that assist in releasing stress and boosting productivity. A corporate wellness program is not a luxury, but an important investment in an employee's well-being.

Explore a few of our favorite topics we like to write about: Corporate Wellness, Mindfulness, and Healthy Lifestyle. Healing Hands has a great track record of creating corporate wellness solutions by implementing customized wellness programs and employee appreciation events for everyone from small law firms to Fortune 100 companies.

read more › We are an experienced, dedicated team that is united in our mission to help people work happier and healthier and be more productive. If you are a wellness professional who shares our core values of integrity, honesty, mutual respect, compassion, and loving what you do, please contact us to apply. Anastasia grew up in a variety of locations across the United States due to her father's job in the Marine Corps. Her love of traveling brought her to Mexico to live as an exchange student, to Athens to study during her second year of college, and to a grand total of 53 countries on six continents during and after her four years with United Airlines.

read more › To help people work happier and healthier through participation in our customized wellness programs while also supporting educational, health, and income-generating projects as a B1G1 Business For Good. Founded in 2011, Healing Hands is currently on a trajectory of strong growth in an industry that is undergoing fundamental changes with regards to Americans' attitudes toward health and wellness in the workplace. Our corporate wellness services are an important part of this seismic shift from reactionary to preventative healthcare.

read more › Healing Hands founder Anastasia Yecke Gude has always been interested in giving back to her local and international community. From volunteering as a translator on a half-dozen medical missions to Latin America to serving as a past president in her local Rotary Club, giving is a part of her DNA. Since 2015, she has been donating to the favorite charities of her core staff in honor of their birthdays. Simply by booking a massage or corporate wellness event, you'll automatically make giving a part of your life, too!

read more › We have gotten rid of the tiered pricing found at most spas, where there are upcharges for anything more than a basic Swedish massage. At Healing Hands, we are proud to offer simplified pricing via our All-Inclusive Massages (AIM). With AIM, you simply pay for the time you are on the table. Just speak with your massage therapist prior to the session and mention any add-ons or special modalities you would like (deep tissue, stretch, heat, cupping, aromatherapy, etc). What is a therapeutic massage?

read more › At Healing Hands, our goal is to help people live their best lives by empowering them to feel happier, less stressed, and pain-free. But let's face it: massage isn't cheap. So what happens? For most of us, we end up making our massages reactionary instead of preventative; in other words, we wait until we're "broken" and then come in hoping to get "fixed." Just as it is better to complete scheduled maintenance checks and oil changes rather than only calling a mechanic when your car has broken down on the side of the road, regular massages can have a long-lasting effect in treating the cause of your body's aches and pains rather than simply treating the symptoms.

read more › Online booking is easy via our partner Acuity. Upon sign up for membership, you will be sent a special discount code that gives you access to the lower rate. If a Member cannot come in for a session 30 days after prepayment for the monthly service, the massage credit will roll over to the following month. Members have a maximum of 3 rollovers. Massage credits may also be gifted to friends, coworkers, or family members by texting "TRANSFER + [your name first/last] to [recipient's name first/last]" to us at 305-321-8253.

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