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In this treatment you can enjoy the benefits or pain and stress relief the inconvenience of removing your clothing. Fascial release is most effective with some friction between the skin. Mindset is everything! So much of our suffering and negativity stems from a thought we don't even realize we're believing. Our thoughts become our emotions, which then become our actions.

Our actions are how we engage with others and the world. We all know that squats are important whether you're an avid weightlifter, pregnant Mama, or just someone who is trying to feel good and stay out of the nursing home. We are able to verify benefits however patients are still responsible for services not covered by insurance.

read more › Jennifer is a massage therapist as well as a former yoga instructor. She has been doing fascial work for 5 years after discovering a technique that helped her heal many years of chronic pain. Being an athlete her whole life has lead to a lot of stress on her body both physical and mental. This has inspired her passion to help facilitate healing in her clients, friends and family.

read more › Yes, we do for acupuncture! We currently take Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas the appointment must be booked with Dr. Jamie Reed, L.Ac. However just because you have insurance does not mean that you have acupuncture benefits. We do not accept insurance for massage therapy. You will still be heald responsible for any charges that insurance does not cover. We offer a variety of services including acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, compression therapy, lymphatic drainage, prenatal services, etc. Check out our services here.

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