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As my client, you will step into a safe and sacred space where I will help guide you through a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage experience. Together, we will listen to what your body needs throughout your individualized massage session. My relaxation massage is warm, heart-centered, and therapeutic. Every massage is different because every body is
Ashley W. — Kristy is an amazing masseuse! I've seen her for years and she always helps work out any aches/pains/sore muscles. She's
If you're looking for an advanced level of massage therapy in Austin, Texas, please come for a session and experience the benefits of pain relief or the best of relaxation massage. I have over 30 years experience and have trained in a variety of massage therapy modalities. People come to relieve anxiety, help with accident recovery, or for pain in the
Empowering clients to manage chronic pain through professional therapeutic massage and bodywork. ATX Revolt specializes in pain management through advanced massage and bodywork modalities. Our work ranges from light touch therapy, such as manual lymphatic drainage and cranial sacral, to deeper tissue therapy, such as trigger point or neuromuscular therapy
Improve overall health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension with my signature deep relaxation massage, custom aromatherapy, and hot towels. Receive expert and intuitive massage therapy before and after your baby is born for a more comfortable pregnancy and postpartum. A gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve
Locally owned in Austin, TX, we treat a wide variety of muscular, fascial, and neuromuscular disorders by combining several massage disciplines like neuromuscular, deep tissue/therapeutic, trigger point, and Swedish massage. We recognize the importance of the client's role in their own care. Clients can become pain free and independent of pain medication
Today our lives are filled with so much abundance. Activities, opportunities, information, work, relationships, entertainment - they pour into our worlds at a sometimes overflowing rate. All too often, our cups runneth over. Finding and maintaining a core of peace and balance helps us to excel and to enjoy each aspect of life. Given the nature of our
Viva Day Spa + Med Spa in Austin offers a curated menu of spa and med spa treatments at our three locations. From award-winning spa packages and massages to rejuvenating facials and luxe nail salon services, discover for yourself why Viva was voted Best Spa in Austin by The Austin Chronicle and Austin Monthly. Get natural looking results with noninvasive
Located in Austin's South Lamar District, Deep Root Massage will offer you the opportunity to emerge refreshed and nourished. Like the great oak which stands proudly upright with its hundred arms uplifted to the sky and the tender reed which bows its head as it yields to the elements, to be resilient and adaptable to harsh events or adversity in life
Glen Taylor has been providing quality therapeutic massage to central Austin for over a decade. Rub Massage Austin continually strives to meet the expectations of our amazing clientele. With yearly continued advanced training and over 500 5 star reviews from clients from all over the country, Glen has proven to be a leader in the wellness industry and
Please contact Ausa by phone, text, or email to schedule your appointment. Welcome to Peacock Bodyworks, the massage practice of Ausa Peacock, LMT located in West Lake Hills in West Austin, TX. My goal here at Peacock Bodyworks is to help you find comfort and ease in your body through deep tissue massage and self care. I work with each client to find
Let Xiu Li massage work away your worries and tired muscles. Each massage session includes Acupressure, Deep Tissue Work, Reflexology, and a Facial Massage. We offer feet reflexology services in addition to our tissue and massage therapy services. Relax your feet and your soul with a foot reflexology session. Over 15 years of bringing the wisdom of
Austin Living Massage specializes in low back and knee pain relief through the application of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and Sarga Bodywork. Ashiatsu and Sarga are barefoot massage modalities that helps give clients a very deep yet comfortable massage. My name is Lakshmi, licensed massage therapist and owner of Austin Living Massage. I learned about
If you've got mystery pain, a lingering injury, or seeking relief from a chronic condition, it's time to try something different. Different is good. It's easy to take for granted how important our arms and shoulders are for daily living, exercise, and sports performance. Align Massage partners with Physical Therapists and other providers to ensure that
At Superb Massage Tables we are proud to offer the highest quality massage tables and spa equipment at the lowest prices, guaranteed! Our customer service team will give you an outstanding experience before, during, and after the sale - so that you can give the same to your clients! We are proud to offer the highest quality products from the name that
It is our mission and drive to help our clients to live a more optimal and efficient lifestyle by helping to alleviate pain and tension in the body so that they "do not feel pain." Having been in a lot of pain both physically and emotionally in her life, the owner Jessie Thompson knows what it is like to be in pain and to live in a life while suffering
In this treatment you can enjoy the benefits or pain and stress relief the inconvenience of removing your clothing. Fascial release is most effective with some friction between the skin. Mindset is everything! So much of our suffering and negativity stems from a thought we don't even realize we're believing. Our thoughts become our emotions, which then
The goal of our center is to create the ultimate healing experience while maintaining a professional, nurturing and overall wellness environment. We welcome a wide variety of clientele whether they are business professionals, students, professional athletes, or anyone who is serious about their health.
Sports massage helps break up scar tissue and realign the tissue with the muscle so it can function properly again. Regular massage can help identify potential trouble spots before they become more serious. Sports massages help repair damaged muscles by increasing blood flow and removing toxins built up in the tissue. Fremont - Aug - Blog 12 Physical
Days can be full of stress, worry, and pain and it starts to feel like it's just a way of life. I believe there is a way to balance that stress and pain, and Sage Blossom can help you get there. Your home for quality affordable massage therapy, infrared sauna therapy, and Austin's first salt therapy lounge. We're on your feel better team! Only minutes
Our massage therapy school program takes a unique approach to your education. We focus not only on providing you all the tools you need to be a great massage therapist and learn basic massage techniques, but also the fundamental elements of business to ensure you can be successful after you graduate like no other massage school in Austin. The easiest
Then we provide hundreds of hours of additional training for therapists each year. We want you to have a world class session every time. Oak Haven Massage focuses on two things: delivering effective, therapeutic, deep tissue work by highly skilled therapists and amazing customer service. We have proven techniques that tackle problem areas people have
I began my career at The European Massage Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas, in 2002. In 2007, I earned my Associates in Occupational Studies at New York College of Health Professions. I was honored to study among the most accomplished and brilliant Chiropractors, Neurologists, Medical Doctors, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists in New York. At
Stephen Shortnacy is a therapeutic massage therapist and wellness instructor in Austin, Texas who specializes in deep tissue, pain relief and postural improvement massages. His clients are those who are striving for life changes to minimize and\or rid themselves of life's pains. Schedule customized chair massages to meet the needs of employees at the