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The benefits of massage can be experienced in just minutes, as the neutral position of the chair allows the spine to relax while muscle tension is kneaded away. Deep tissue massage is a more focused type of massage, as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots. Swedish massage increases circulation and stimulates the skin and nervous system, and soothes the nerves by reducing emotional and physical stress.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese hands-on therapy that incorporates aspects of Japanese massage traditions, Chinese Medicine practice, and "Western" anatomy and physiology. Heated river rocks are rhythmically applied with traditional Swedish massage movements and are also placed on key parts of the body. Every massage at Harmony Massage is focused towards relieving stress and pain.

I combine education with intuition to create an experience that will leave you feeling revived and harmonized. Tucked on top of a yoga studio, Harmony Massage's midtown Sacramento location is easy to find and has plenty of options for parking.

People seek massage therapy for many reasons, the most common reason being to relieve stress. With this in mind I provide surround-sound music, hot stone therapy and essential oils to create a relaxing environment that is often experienced as an escape from life's demands. Complaints of back and neck pain are common outcomes of life's stressors, and

Can I have a deep tissue massage and still experience hot stones? Yes, there's a common misconception that a hot stone massage means a lighter pressure massage. To the contrary, I like to use hot stones to relax the muscle and prepare if for deeper pressure. What if I can't lie on my stomach for very long or at all? If there is a position that is uncomfortable

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