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Since 2003, Paul Brown, CMT (CAMTC #17813) has been providing massage therapy for relaxation, pain relief, sports performance, pregnancy, and more. Paul was a computer programmer for 20 years, and decided that he wanted a career change - something more immediate, concrete, tactile, active, and service-oriented. Massage Therapy serves those needs, through which he finds tremendous fulfillment.

Paul's hobbies include volunteering, hot springs, road trips, hiking, and his miniature schnauzer, Iffy.

read more › The table can be raised and lowered dynamically, which means I can always have you at the proper height for whatever I am doing at that time. It also means that the table can be lowered enough for people in wheelchairs to be much more easily transferred to and from the table. The mid-split opens your body. Depending on how much I open the table, up to forty degrees, I can put you in a simple neutral position to allow you lay in more comfort, all the way up to allow for near inversion. The mid-split provides for decompression of the spine, opening up the back, chest, abdomen, hips.

read more › Deep Tissue Massage isn't really a type or modality of massage, but it is a way of approaching a person's body and tissue. A Deep Tissue Massage can be performed in almost any style of massage, including Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Myofascial Therapy, and more. Deep Tissue could refer to a muscle beneath a muscle - for example, the rhomboid muscles are deep to the trapezius muscle in the back. Accessing the rhomboids is usually performed by first relaxing the trapezius in a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage could also mean working on the connective tissue - tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc. - in order to achieve a release of a muscle.

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