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Equilibrium The practitioners at Equilibrium have the experience and expertise necessary to treat such things as: acute and/or chronic sports injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, systemic problems, back and neck pain, headaches, and occupational injuries. We know that insurance benefits are sometimes tricky. As an important additional service to you, the front desk and billing staff at Equilibrium will help you identify exactly what services your health insurance plan does and does not cover.

read more › Chiropractic care is a system of integrative medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of misalighment of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these misalignments may have on the function of the nervous system and general health. Chiropractic adjustments safely manipulate the spine or other joints to promote healthy, normal function of the body. Chiropractic has been shown to effectively relieve pain, promote healthy infant delivery, and improve symptoms of chronic headaches, among other benefits and uses.

read more › A chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific, controlled force in a precise direction that is applied to a spinal joint not moving properly or "locked up." The purpose of this natural and safe procedure is to correct structural alignment and eliminate interference in the nervous system. For the patient, this means improved spinal function, reduction in pain and inflammation, and an overall improvement in health and wellness. Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort because minimal force and gentle pressure are used.

read more › Acupuncture has its roots in 3000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine although other Asian countries have adopted the practice as well with their own variations. The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) publicized the safety and efficacy of acupuncture in 1997. The most commonly practiced form of acupuncture uses sterilized needles inserted into the skin at acupoints. Acupuncture needles are incredibly fine, unlike injection needles, which are thicker and hollow. This is why acupuncture feels nothing like getting a shot or having blood drawn, and most patients do not find the treatment painful.

read more › Massage appointments at Equilibrium require the same intake and health history forms as other appointments here. Your massage therapist will review your intake forms and any notes from other providers as necessary, and they will talk with you at the beginning of your session to establish what areas you would like worked on and if there are any conditions that need to be addressed. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition, and to see if you have any presenting complaints.

read more › Many people wonder what to do and who pays for services associated with personal injury claims including motor vehicle accidents. Below are some helpful answers. You can also email us if you don't see the answer below. If you are already scheduled for an appointment, print out our MVA intake forms. The state of Oregon requires all insured motorists to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. This coverage ensures that if you're ever in an auto accident, the insurance company for the car you were in will be paying the medical bills and for any lost wages.

read more › We know that insurance benefits are sometimes tricky. As an important additional service to you, the wellness coordinators at Equilibrium will help you identify exactly what services your health insurance plan will and will not cover. Current patients can access their patient portal here to change appointment reminder preferences, update personal information, view documents from their providers, and see a list of upcoming scheduled appointments.

read more › Below you'll find tried and tested products our providers often recommend to patients for maintenance between appointments, or as part of treatment for various conditions and injuries. Consult your doctor for proper usage instructions. Please note these are not the professional strength options we are able to offer for in-office purchase. Results may differ.

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