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The body contains a profound intelligence and ability to heal-if we allow it. Through the rejuvenating and restoring applications of massage or with the complementary system of hatha yoga we work to reduce stress, create more balance and utilize the wisdom inherent within. Mandy has experience working with a broad range of clients, from those with terminal illness and trauma to general stress and tension causing acute or chronic patterns of limitation or pain.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes happening all week at two convenient locations. Special Yoga Immersions and Intensives also happening monthly. Mandy employs deep tissue and integrated massage modalities to unwind patterns of tension, with observance to meridian lines and acupressure points as well as cranial sacral therapy.

read more › What is Shadow Yoga? Founded by Sundernath (Shandor Remete) after many decades of dedicated study and practice. This Hatha Yoga based system includes three specific forms or 'preludes' that work dynamically in circling and spiraling movements, weight bearing on the legs, warrior stances and non-traditional sun salutation forms that more safely and effectively prepare the student for more advanced limbs of Hatha Yoga. Shadow Yoga utilizes rhythmic breathing, bandhas (energetic ties) and marma (vital junctions) to awaken the subtle body, ultimately, for healing and to align with ones purpose.

read more › Mandy has experience working with those with a broad range of clients from those with illness and trauma to general stress and tension causing acute or chronic patterns of limitation or pain. Private sessions allow for more questions, individual attention and learning than a group class can provide. Contact Mandy to schedule Private Sessions.

read more › Each session is tailored to the therapeutic individual needs of the client based on their particular body/mind constitution. A traditional massage table is used with sheets. Occasionally, depending on style of session we work through the clothes. Mandy has trained in styles from Ayurvedic Abyangha oil massage, Myofascial Release and Cranial Sacral to the recent completion of the ten session series of Structural Integration. Mandy has been in practice since 2006, her hands are tuned to listening.

read more › In short, Depth Psychology is most related to the work of Carl Gustav Jung. It looks at the underlying messages of the destructive patterns in our lives that are often revealed through a more symbolic thematic and archetypal narrative. Hidden aspects of the unconscious that yearn for consciousness necessary for our evolution is communicated through mental disorders, accidents, injury and other forms of psychological, emotional and physical trauma. Depth Psychology does not seek to diagnose but to transform the destructive pattern in our lives into creative potential.

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