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My name is Stephanie Churn Lubow and I am deeply committed to facilitating healing and wellness for my clients. I have been a massage therapist in Florida for over twenty years, and I incorporate the knowledge and experience that I have gained through studying and practicing a blend of Eastern and Western modalities. In 2006, I found my passion for the art of traditional Thai massage.

I had the opportunity to study Thai healing arts in Thailand in 2012, and have continued to further my studies in traditional Thai medicine. My style is firm yet relaxing, and since I work on a mat on the floor I am able to utilize my body weight and gravity for deeper work. I believe that Thai massage is a practical application of the Buddhist principle of metta -- loving kindness --.and that it is all about working from a place of open heart and compassion.

Thai massage is meant to be a deeply meditative and healing experience for both the client and practitioner.

read more › Performed on a soft, cushioned mat on the floor. Wearing your own comfortable clothing, your body will be moved through a traditional flowing sequence of movements and stretches, combined with rhythmic compressions and acupressure, to increase energy flow, relax your muscles, gently open your joints, and bring balance and harmony to your whole body. All sessions will be designed to meet your specific individual needs, with longer sessions allowing time for more in-depth, spot-specific work on problem areas.

read more › Thai Massage is an ancient and sacred system of bodywork which is one of the five main branches of Traditional Thai Medicine. The ultimate goal of a Thai massage session is to open up the layers of the body and encourage ease of movement - of your muscles and connective tissue, of your blood, your lymph, the fluid in your joints, and your nervous system. A Thai massage can increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, increase joint mobility and flexibility, boost the immune system, and encourage a parasympathetic state which induces deep relaxation, calms the mind, and encourages the body's systems to function properly.

read more › My sessions are performed in the style of Traditional Thai Massage, with the client fully clothed on a comfortable mat on the floor. Thai massage is powerful in its ability to go deep into the body in a safe, effective, and efficient way for both the client and therapist. Therapists often use their hands, elbows, knees and feet for compression and specific work. The goal of Thai massage is to encourage movement in our bodies, and this results in the warming and freeing of fascia (connective tissue) where it is stuck -- thereby enhancing our physiological processes and bringing balance to our structure.

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