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Our foot care specialist knows all the reflexology points and will give you premium treatment every time you visit. LIKE our Facebook and Google+ page for a FREE aromatherapy add-on to any massage purchase!. Looking for dependable massage therapy in Dallas, TX? Look no further than kNot a Spa Massage. We offer deep tissue massage. Studies from around the world continue to show that massage is beneficial to maintaining one's health and longevity.

The world operates at a fast pace, and if often seems like there is no way to slow things down. A massage can help you to stop and smell the roses. A great massage can also help lower your heart rate, cortisol, and even help lower your cholesterol levels. Relaxation - Massages can help you relax and reset life's button. When your body is relaxed, you are less prone to experience stress, which is proven to be life-threatening.

Improve Posture -While many bad habits are difficult to break, posture can be corrected. A massage can help reinforce the body's natural, healthy movements and that is a good thing.

read more › Looking for dependable massage therapy in Dallas, TX? Look no further than kNot a Spa Massage. Deep tissue massage, athletic massage, limb stretches and more is offered here. Achieve a therapeutic solution to many of life's stresses. The world is a highly stressful place, and there are no signs of it slowing down. It is all fast-paced, from maintaining jobs and families to struggling with finances and bills. Progress does not stop, and there is always someone willing to take your place on the stress-express.

read more › You can benefit from nutrition consultation in Dallas, TX. Finding the right consultant is a key factor in accomplishing this task. At kNot a Spa Massage, partner with a nutrition consultant that can offer tremendous benefits. Our business offers nutrition planning, health improvement, nutrition counseling and weight management. Health experts are not joking when they say that stress can kill; and eating the wrong types of food can be just as harmful to the body. Called by several names -- food consultant, health coach and nutritionist; having one common goal -- ushering you into good health.

read more › When you want the best foot massage in Dallas, TX, consider kNot a Spa Massage. You will not be disappointed. Benefit greatly from reflexology massage, foot care, foot massage for improved circulation, and much more. Foot massage is the going thing and your feet will thank you for the extra indulgence. Reflexology commonly known as 'foot massage' recognizes that the body has the ability to heal itself. The body becomes imbalanced following illness, stress, injury or disease. Vital energy pathways are blocked; preventing the body from effectively functioning.

read more › Swedish massage promotes relaxation. The therapist uses massage strokes that include effleurage, kneading, friction, and tapping. Relax and enjoy! With deep tissue massage the therapist concentrates on the deepest layers of muscle and fascia in the body; reducing chronic pain, improving blood pressure, rehabilitating injured muscles, and breaking up scar tissue. Trigger Point Massage therapy is deep sustained pressure to the kNotted area; providing the body with soft tissue release, and increased blood flow.

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