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Mary Iverson, LMP Color therapy is the use of selected parts of visible spectrum to cause physiological and emotional effects. Each treatment (color) is normally one hour and is used during an acupuncture treatment. Color Therapy is also available for my other services. I have used color therapy as an additional form of healing for ten years and have had and continue to show amazing results.

Mary has always been able to listen to my pains and needs and tailors a healing plan that works for me. I have really bad sciatica pain and tight muscles that causes me to be in pain constantly. I always feel better when I leave! Thank you Mary! I would highly recommend her to anyone. My wife and I both see Mary Iverson for Acupuncture, she has improved our way of life, we are not in constant pain due to her treatments.

The needles do not hurt when inserted and we walk out of her office feeling so much better. As a war Veteran the "Choice Program" is available. I highly recommend Mary Iverson Acupuncturist. Mary is an incredible healer.

read more › When entering the treatment room, there is a massage table with sheets and a blanket on top similar to most spas or massage therapy environments. First we will sit and visit to assess your needs. Once your treatment approach is decided you'll lay on top of the massage table. I will then take a reading of your meridian pulses at each wrist to help me get an overview of flow and or blockages present in your body. Once the treatment plan is decided, you'll be receiving a treatment for about an hour.

read more › The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates acupuncture by requiring that needles be sterile, prepackaged, and not reused. All licensed acupuncturists follow these standards and regulations. Some people are afraid acupuncture will be painful. I have found over the years that sensitivity to needle pressure varies greatly among individuals. Most people experience no pain. Others report minimal discomfort. I consult with clients throughout their treatment to insure comfort and awareness.

read more › The thing that brought me to Mary was seeking relief from the pain caused by my scoliosis. I didn't know any names of acupuncturists so I prayed and meditated and went to the yellow pages knowing I would find the right one for me. She was the second person I called. When I heard her voice my whole body, mind and soul relaxed and I knew I found the one for me. After only a few treatments the pain was gone. But I loved the "space" Mary's treatment put me in so I continued to see her. I have and will continue to see Mary for acupuncture.

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