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Coastal Massage Therapy, LLC is a professional therapeutic massage services company offering massage services by appointment only. We offer a variety of types of massage services including Swedish, Hot Stone massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu massage. See our menu of services for a full list of services available. All work is performed by a Certified Massage Therapist.

Unlike some other massage therapy providers, we give full one hour massages. Any prep time required is not taken away from your time and the therapist is never rushed in order to get to the next client so you are not rushed to get on and off the table during your massage time. Our clients really appreciate this. We accept cash, check, Visa or Mastercard and look forward to working on you.

Call 757-434-1379, book your appointment online or purchase a gift certificate.

read more › Massage Cupping - Glass cups are applied to the body to create suction and negative pressure to help release deep tissue restrictions, relieve inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and much more. Reflexology - an ancient therapy based on the principle that reflexes in the hands and feet affect every gland and organ in the body. By applying systematic pressure to certain areas, the corresponding organs and systems are stimulated and the entire body relaxed. This is not used to diagnose issues occurring in the body.

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