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Unalome Massage We hold tension in our bodies from physical, emotional, and mental injuries. Massage is one of oldest healing practices because it helps ease tension. Whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly, receiving a therapeutic massage can help to feel more ease in our body. Massage calms the nervous system, promoting deeper breathing, decreased heart rate, and increased sensation.

Feeling decreased pain & discomfort, experiencing decreased emotional responses, feeling more openness and flexibility in the body are common experiences from receiving a massage. Increased body awareness strengthens one's ability and capacity to heal injuries. As one understands and embodies sensation more, they become more responsive to massage and bodywork.

read more › I am a passionate massage therapist with a focus on sensation and embodiment to allow clients to feel more ease in their bodies and life. My focus is to aid clients recovering from trauma (physical, emotional, etc.) and provide them with with healing touch and provide an empathetic and safe environment. Pulling from my background in engineering, I mix my scientific understanding of anatomy and physiology with my energetic and meditation practice to provide a unique healing experience. My treatments are precise, focusing on the most efficient path to ease for my clients.

read more › My approach to massage is to talk to my clients about the discomfort and pain they are experiencing and the goals they have for our sessions. Through visual observation I analyze holding patterns and compare them with what I feel in their body. After considering the client's comfort and goals, I then select the most efficient modalities to begin therapy. I will not heal your injury, rather we will work together to heal the injury with me acting as a sherpa to lead you to comfort. You may feel that I am doing all the work to create ease in your body, but in actuality I'm listening to your body and giving it what it wants.

read more › 24 hours in advance. Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, this impacts my time and pay while missing the opportunity to fill the appointment to help other clients. Thank you! I appreciate it! Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to the cost of the scheduled service. Late arrival may limit my ability to offer the fullest possible experience. Please be aware that late arrivals will not be afforded extension of scheduled treatments.

read more › If this will be your first massage, let me know! When you first arrive, I will give you a basic health form to fill out. Then I will have a discussion with you about what you are experiencing in your body. At that point, I will leave the room to wash my hands and allow you to get on the table. Some people like to receive massage naked (your body will always be covered other than the area of the body I'm working on), some people prefer to keep their underwear on, while others prefer to be fully clothed.

read more › My belief is that sensation is a gateway to healing an injury. Coupled with movement, sensation plays an integral role in our lives by communicating to us what feels good and what feels painful, allowing us to consciously move toward pleasure or pain. Sensation is the perception or awareness of a stimuli providing a form of communication from the body to the brain. The more you understand the nuances of your body's sensations and your ability to adjust your body's position, the more you can create ease in your body.

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