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Jen's hands have the perfect sensitivity to what I needed during my hot stone massage and facial. Stress, emotional pressure, work demands, and daily life build up and dull our inner light. Without help, we develop anxiety, pain, skin issues, sensitivity and burnout. Does this sound like you? Facials, massage, and spa treatments allow you to take quiet time for yourself.

You'll get stress relief, pain relief, glowing fresh skin, improved sleep, and tips for self care. My mission is to help you find a balance of physical wellness and spiritual calm, where your body is triggered to heal itself.

read more › My spa career started in 2010 with Massage Therapy and crystal energy work, then I added Esthetics and Reiki in 2013. This day spa in Salt Lake City (Millcreek) has been the most rewarding time of my life. My massage style is slow, gentle and flowing, with your choice of light or medium pressure and luxurious spa details. This style uses your nervous system to relax and heal the body, as opposed to forceful pressure that may cause inflammation, bruising and "fight or flight" response. Spa guests with anxiety, sensitivity, blood thinning medications, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain get a great result without the usual discomfort.

read more › All our 5-star Facials can be customized for extra sensitive skin, anti-aging, teen skin, and your unique skin goals. Professional strength products, massage therapy, and essential oils are used to clear the skin, brighten your glow, reduce the signs of aging, and release tension. Includes an excellent scalp, neck, and shoulder massage and a few hot stones! Gently cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the face while gemstone guasha massage reduces puffiness and a crystal healing layout balances the body's energy flow.

read more › Supreme stress relief! Light or medium pressure flowing massage, with optional firm work in your trouble spots. Swedish massage plus aromatherapy and a couple hot stones! Warm gemstones are used for a slow, soothing massage that incorporates Labradorite for aura repair, Amethyst for tranquility, and Smoky Quartz for grounding. Additional stones will be added to customize the healing intention. Unique in Salt Lake City! A guest favorite! Slow flowing massage using hot oiled stones will melt stress, release stiffness, soothe your nerves and bring rejuvenating blood flow to tired muscles.

read more › Drift like a petal on the breeze! A customized Lavender Rose Facial & Back Facial with Hydrojelly face mask upgrade and extra crystal healing. These highly nourishing products are natural or organic when possible. Choose a crystal healing intention: Financial Strength with Emerald & Citrine, Love Flow with Rose Quartz & Rhodonite, Awaken Your Personal Magic with Labradorite and Charoite, Protection & Grounding with Black Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz. Clear your energy with our new take on traditional remedies.

read more › Minor skin imperfections may be harmless to your health, but can damage your self confidence because they look unappealing. Let's get them out of the way so your natural beauty can shine through! High Frequency is an electrical skin care technique we use to dehydrate and reduce the look of small skin flaws. Some examples we can beautify: sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, cherry angioma (ruby points), telangiectasia ("broken" capillaries in the face), milia, fibromas, seborrheic keratosis, and superficial sun spots.

read more › If I'm unavailable, or you want more treatment choices, I highly recommend these amazing spa and beauty professionals! They are conveniently located in Millcreek, Salt Lake City, Utah or the Salt Lake valley. Providing lash extensions with years of experience, or try a natural look with a lash lift & tint. She's dedicated to making you feel fabulash!

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