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Chillax Arizona Massage Therapy & Spray Tanning If you are an active individual & push yourself to the limits, a sports or a deep tissue massage can help you rehabilitate or maintain your physical well being. I use zone specific techniques to address your particular needs. If the weather is just not right or you're inclined to keep your skin safe from the harsh UV rays, treat yourself to an organic or natural spray tan.

These will provide a flawless tan with a perfectly normal looking skin tone. Facilitated stretching, PNF Stretching & Assisted Stretching are utilized to make sure you leave feeling as loose as a kitten & thoroughly balanced. These treatments will get you ready to go out and give it your all. Save 10% on any full priced 90 minute massage if your child is playing sports on a RAMMS team thru 2021.

read more › As a small local business my main goal is to provide high quality service each and every time an individual walks thru my door. My vision & passion are to help improve the local community by making people feel their best as well as selling and using items that are made right here in Arizona. I started on my path as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1999. I have since spent the years perfecting my skills in many facets of massage and body care. I have focused on, but not limited myself to deep tissue, sports & medical massage as well as stretch therapy & spa services.

read more › Massage services are listed by type. All Massages will be customized to suit your individual needs and expectations. All Massages can be scheduled for up to 2 hour excluding the thai foot & myofacial release massage which can be scheduled for up to 90 minutes. The Chillax massage is designed to leave you in that zapped out mode of chillaxation. A combination of Swedish & relaxation techniques are used to help you unwind, de-stress & make you feel like sand slipping thru an hour glass. This massage is the perfect starting place for those that have never had a massage, those that like relaxing massages or for those that prefer less pressure.

read more › Massage Therapy is a great gift for all seasons and occasions. If your loved ones are in pain, stressed out, over worked, are in need of some me time, it can help alleviate all their problems for an hour or for days. Relaxing & self care are things many of us just don't take the time to do for ourselves. With out relaxation we become cranky, wound up and unhappy, which makes the ones we are around feel the same way. Receiving massage as a gift will show them that you really care about them and their mental well being.

read more › St. Tropez Bronzer is a standard formula recommended for people with cool to warm skin tones. It provides a perfectly sun kissed look. The Aviva Original Formula is recommended for people who have cool to neutral skin tones or that have a pinkish or reddish undertone to their skin. Gimme Brown is a warm skin tone sunless tanning solution that delivers an even, more natural look for those with warmer skin tones that have an olive or a true brown undertone to their skin. Depending on your desired shade, you should wait 8 to 12 hours to shower after being sprayed with the standard solutions.

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