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Let the power of nurturing, gentle touch help you relieve stress, let go of muscle tension, soothe aches and pains, and feel more relaxed in your body. Let this very light touch modality guide your body and mind into states of profound relaxation, deep peace, grounded focus, and self-confidence to face life's stresses with more resilience. Live outside the Charleston area?

Cant make it into the studio? Our distance Reiki and TeleWellness coaching services offer opportunities to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing right in the comfort of your own home. Both modalities are intended to be only one part of a health-enhancing lifestyle, and are not intended to take the place of traditional medical care.

All Body Temple clients are encouraged to follow their own intuition when it comes to making decisions regarding their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

read more › Allison is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reiki Practitioner who has been in practice in the Lowcountry for over 17 years. She applies advanced massage techniques, Reiki, and other modalities to guide her clients into states of deep relaxation, where the mind/body connection is established. It is in this state that the body's self-healing processes can be activated. Unconditional self-love and acceptance is the cornerstone of Allison's therapies. She is the champion of genuine self-care practices for her clients, and seeks to inspire them to make health-related decisions that are grounded in a sense of self-love and support.

read more › Massage therapy has countless benefits on the body and mind. If you've ever wondered how massage can do to help you feel healthy, happy, strong and vital, here is just a short list of what medical science has proven massage can do. This treatment is great if you are a first-time massage recipient, or if you prefer deep relaxation through lighter touch. Relieve stress, let go of tension, and free yourself from aches and pains with this relaxing treatment that includes gentle, light-to-medium pressure and hand crafted essential oils designed to deeply relax the body.

read more › Are you on a path of personal transformation, awakening, or deep transition? Would you like to get to know yourself more intimately, or cultivate a spiritual, meditation and/or sacred practice that resonates with you? A coaching call with Allison will help you draw your map to spiritual growth and transformation so you can feel supported, inspired and confident as you create your best life. This complimentary call with Allison will give you the opportunity to discuss your main concerns right now.

read more › As a practitioner of massage therapy and energy work, I have seen a vast range of chronic pain, dis-ease, emotional upset, and more that has stemmed from one simple seed that has a common thread among almost every person I've touched - and that seed is BODY SHAME. From the 8-month pregnant woman who apologizes for not being able to shave her legs, to the guy who apologizes for sweating too much, to the woman who is ashamed of her coffee breath, I have seen it all. Men and women all expressing shame or apologizing for their natural body processes - their weight, sweating, snoring, crying, laughing, natural body aroma, the size and shape of their various body parts, you name it.

read more › Do you experience jaw pain when you eat, talk, or yawn? Do you have a hard time opening wide enough to eat your favorite foods? Do you often have headaches and migraines, accompanied by chronic extreme neck and shoulder tension? You may be one of the 10 million Americans affected by TMJ every year, according to the NIH. Oftentimes, TMJ patients will see a range of dental and other practitioners seeking relief from their symptoms. But what if I told you that massage therapy can actually be extremely effective at reducing and even eliminating your pain and tension for good - without the need for expensive and invasive dental treatments or night guards?

read more › My name is Liz Firestone and I am the owner of Crescent Moon Apothecary. Allison graciously asked me to write up a little something for the March newsletter so here I am! A little bit about myself before we get to the good stuff - the winter to spring transition. I am a community herbalist and make small-batch, handcrafted herbal remedies here in Charleston. This ranges from personal care products (lotions, tooth powders.) to medicinal remedies (tinctures, tonics, etc). I make custom formulas upon request and see clients for herbal consultations.

read more › It's prevalent in our schools and in our culture. There are studies and research showing that bullying increases the risk of suicide. There's outcry and desperate attempts to find a way to put a stop to this horrific occurrence. It's not only among teens. It happens everywhere. We are often left asking "Why?" Most of us reading this, if asked, would probably deny the fact that we have ever "bullied" someone. I invite you to pause and think about that for a moment. Have you ever called yourself "fat, " "ugly, " "stupid, " "loser" or wanted to change a physical feature such as a perceived big nose, unruly hair, imperfect skin, or compared yourself to others and felt you just didn't measure up?.and so on.

read more › Tending to the emotional and physical health of my client base was THE reason I remained open for business as long as I did. This event and all the events surrounding it are challenging not only our bodies, but our hearts and our spirits as well. But yesterday the governor shut down "close-proximity" service providers, and I was forced to close. Thank goodness for Reiki. If you've never experienced Reiki before, it is a healing modality that addresses wellness via the human electromagnetic field.

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