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Helping people feel better with integrative therapies - massage, personal training, and nutritional counseling. We specialize in medical massage including lymphatic, post-op, oncology massage, pain management, and stress reduction. If you cannot breathe comfortably face down with a mask on, we can find special positioning for your comfort. Invite in self-care from one of our talented massage specialists.

Receive applied therapeutic touch to manage chronic symptoms, or to simply make life a little better. Manage symptoms of chronic conditions with professional guidance on an eating plan that is right for you. Cut through all of the internet noise around nutrition. Post op lymphatic massage can help ease recovery If you have had plastic surgery, your doctor probably recommended post op lymphatic massage.

Also called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), lymphatic massage is a light-pressure technique that assists the flow of fluid away from a swollen area by using your body's own systems. Unlike a Swedish or.

read more › Nimbus is proud of its team of skilled and caring Richmond Massage Therapists and wellness providers. Each person who joins Nimbus Massage has a passion for improving people's lives through integrative therapy. Likewise, each team member strives towards mastery of their craft. Through advanced training, practiced hands-on skills, and a sincere wish to help each client, the Nimbus Massage staff delivers effective goal-oriented integrative therapies. Overall the team specializes in helping people who live with chronic conditions, especially chronic pain.

read more › Your friendly neighborhood pain relief providers. Nimbus specializes in helping people manage pain, especially chronic pain, through effective integrative therapies. Massage, yoga, and more. We believe that evidence-based integrative therapies are powerful tools to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. They can help people relieve pain, lessen anxiety, and improve quality of life. Sometimes, finding the right complementary therapy can be that missing piece of the treatment puzzle that takes people to their next level of wellness.

read more › In order to minimize time and touch by multiple people in common areas, we have enabled full contactless check-in and check-out. All tables, pillows, face rests, etc. are covered with a protective barrier, and sanitized between each session. We will be minimizing items in the rooms and public areas to create fewer contact surfaces, that are easy to clean/sanitize. We will be sanitizing these areas after each client.

read more › Call or email for a proposal, we will help you determine your needs based on team size and length of session. Call or email for a proposal, we will help you determine your needs based on your event flow. Call or email for a proposal, we will help you determine your needs based on your attendees and competition schedule. Call or email for a proposal, we will help you determine your needs based on event type and participation. All Nimbus staff are properly credentialed and insured.

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