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My goal is to provide high quality bodywork, as healthcare for people, without the stigma of "add-ons". To work with the body, and what it needs, Every. Single. Session. Getting people to a place where chronic pain is not normal. Every session (regardless of having worked on you before or not) starts with a consultation, evaluating your body, pains and issues you may not even be aware you are having.

I will go over treatment options and see what you are comfortable with. This may include cupping, scraping, medicinal creams, hot stones, or several massage techniques. I will find and treat ailments in the body as I find them, and use the tools I have to help you reach a better place, and our goals for that session. Wrapping everything up, I like to send you home knowing what I found while working, as well as tips to take care of yourself at home.

I take pride in sending you to one of my many associates if I feel they can help you better than I can. We are lucky to live in a community surrounded by wonderful, functional healthcare providers.

read more › Katie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 6 years. As each year passes, she finds something new and exciting to love and learn. She believes that everything in the body is connected, and you have to work with it methodically and respectfully, through all of the layers, in order for it to respond and release. She tries to incorporate relaxation, meditation, Reiki, and therapeutic work in every massage. A few of her favorite styles to work with are deep, slow myofacial work, lymphatic drainage/fluid movement, deep tissue, cupping and scraping.

read more › Memberships mean you get a massage (duration of your choice) once a month, for 6 months. If you have to miss a month, that benefit will roll over and be redeemable at a later time. All while saving money. If you are interested in a plan that will allow you multiple visits a month using membership pricing please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to work with your specific needs.

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