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Carla has followed a healing path for most of her life, studying a variety of holistic therapies and philosophies. Her personal journey lead her to be completely immersed in the study of various yoga traditions, shamanic cultures and indigenous wisdom, including Star Knowledge. Through her diagnosis of Celiac disease, she learned to empower herself through the healing power of natural foods.

Carla is a certified practitioner of Donna Edens body of work: Energy Medicine. She is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Reflexologist, Private Yoga Instructor, also certified in Fascia Release and a recipient as well as a facilitator of the Munay-Ki rites one of many, in this growing group of visionaries in the Pittsburgh area and connecting around the world.

She is also certified in the healing art of Acupressure. For the past 8 years she has held women's healing circles as a certified Red Tent Facilitator. Carla is also a Public Speaker who speaks on a variety of topics such as health and wellness, meditation and of course the importance of accessing ancient wisdom from our ancestors.

read more › You can enhance your traditional medical treatments with holistic healing in our space or we can come to you! De-stress your office, have a relaxation party with a bridal party, or have a get together with your friends! With our deep holistic knowledge and experience, our team can combine any services to create a custom treatment plan to address your specific health issues. Except the Therapeutic Pampering Combo Service - administered by two practitioners - which is $140/hr. Swedish: A relaxation based massage using light to medium pressure, relieving muscle tension and leaving your body feeling rested and relaxed.

read more › Our classes offer healing practices and information designed to bring natural wellness to your life. 7 Quartz Crystal Bowls attuned to each chakra are used as well as; gongs, Tibetan bowls, bells and shakers to provide a holistic meditative sound experience. These sessions are at times also soothingly guided to support the meditation. We live in a world filled with GMO's, processed and fast foods. Our time is limited and the average budget is stretched thin, which can make for a difficult and daunting task to fit good nutrition into your life.

read more › I had always wanted to try reflexology and I am so glad that Carla was my first. I am a body worker also and can tell you that she is well trained, educated, compassionate, gifted healer who made me feel absolutely amazing. We discussed several issues that I have been struggling with, some of which showed up as problematic while she worked on my feet. She gave me excellent information about self care which I have been following and am experiencing wonderful results. I cannot wait to get back to her for another session.

read more › On this last quarter moon we will gather to discuss our experiences from our meditations throughout the past month. As each shares their experience and wisdom learned we will put all information together to formulate our next steps to opening up to our own Ancient Wisdom. For those that attending throughout this moon cycle, a revised version will be sent to you which will include our intention and meditation for you to keep.

read more › This circle welcomes all and is designed to help all to process what they have learned and experienced over the prior month. Gathering in circles allows each individual to come into balance with the cycles and seasons of life, with nature, ourselves, others and all that is. These necessary elements aid in self discovery. You will develop the resiliency needed for a strong sense of "self". The circle allows for gentle guidance and the freedom to explore. A place where each person is given their time to speak, share and learn.

read more › Chinese Cupping is a very ancient practice developed thousands of years ago, while techniques have been modernized the original philosophy is still the same. We use cupping therapy in correlation with massage and other modalities in our practice. For example, massage therapy and cupping complement one another. Massage therapy is the manual and mechanical manipulation of the superficial muscular and fascial tissues to lengthen and soften. The suction from cupping therapy uses pressure to pull the skin, tissues and muscles upward thus helping the therapist manipulate the muscles on a much deeper level.

read more › Our society is experiencing an increase in the number of people who suffer from disease. Autoimmune disorders are on the rise. We can no longer practice a system of medicine oriented toward acute care. The acute care approach lacks the needed methodology and tools for preventing and treating complex chronic disease. The training in the standard model of care is to diagnose a disease and match that disease with a corresponding drug. This approach fails miserably in the care of chronic diseases that affect over 125 million Americans.

read more › Didgeridoo sound therapy is a holistic health practice that uses meditation and intention to effect positive changes in a persons mind, body and spirit. With meditation and personal intention at the corner stone of this practice, didgeridoo sound therapy applies sound using Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of energy clearing theory to clear and balance a persons subtle energy system. In everyday life the average person forgets to do the most basic tasks of proper breathing and healing meditation.

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