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Our office focuses on a vitalistic model of chiropractic care that empowers families by offering specific holistic care, to promote higher function and a quality life. We take pride in offering fair and affordable rates that allow patients to make health a priority. We offer a discount for follow up chiropractic visits for prenatal and postpartum care through the "fourth trimester".

If things slow down during a birth, a chiropractic assessment and adjustment can sometimes help get things back on track. Most of our patients are private pay, because insurance plans limit coverage for corrective care. Insurance does not cover wellness or maintenance care. Since we do not incur the overhead involved with insurance billing, we pass the savings along to you.

Our unique discounted cash plans allow you to receive all the care for an affordable fee. A plan of care to help you progress toward better function and health. Patients start off with frequent chiropractic care, and gradually decrease their visits until they are moved to maintenance care.

read more › Dr. Erica Hernandez, is a doctor of chiropractic, and a DONA trained birth doula, she has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness and a Bachelor of Science in Biology; she strives to empower others, by joining them on their journey to health and wellness. Dr. Erica is not currently serving as a doula, but instead strives to support mothers through her prenatal and postpartum care as a chiropractor. While in chiropractic school, Dr. Erica married her high school sweetheart and they welcomed their first child at the end of her schooling.

read more › At Empowered Chiropractic + Massage, we want you to take control of your life. We follow a vitalistic model of care, because we know that this will allow our clients to thrive. As a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Erica is trained to find and correct subluxations. Subluxations are minor misallignments of a joint, or bone that cause irritation to the nerves and interference in the nervous system. They can sometimes be associated, with pain, but not always. They are however associated with decreased function which may result in decreased quality of life.

read more › As parents, we are here to tell you that if there is any time in your life, that it is critical for you to take care of your nervous system, then pregnancy is that time. People conceive, and have children every day, but how often do we talk about the important details that involve the process of two cells, merging and transforming into a living breathing, thriving human being. From the moment of conception, change is happening; two cells meet, to form a unique combination of traits from mom and dad, but the journey that proceeds is much more complex, and we want to help you along your journey.

read more › Just as you would take time to prepare for a marathon, it is wise to take time to prepare for birth. Chiropractic care is an important part of pregnancy. Making sure that your body is properly aligned, will allow your baby to have sufficient room to grow and move into the most ideal position for birth. Regular chiropractic care can aid in an easier and faster delivery for mom. Birth is usually the first traumatic event we experience in life, as the uterus contracts, we get pushed through the birth canal and sometimes, babies need extra help, via c-section, or by other means, and they get pulled out into the world.

read more › As our children learn, and grow, the real fun begins! They start testing out their body; they roll over, and crawl, and eventually start to walk and run! They start to climb on EVERYTHING, and sometimes they fall, because that too is part of the process. Chiropractic care will ensure that nothing slows our children down from exploring the world around them, so they can continue to grow and thrive. Childhood is when we set the tone for the rest of our lives, we change as we grow, but the things we experience as children, have the potential to affect our long term heath.

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