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We are a bespoke wellness studio, offering Pilates, massage therapy and Rossiter stretching. Our goal is to make your experience personal, fun, accessible and realistic in a safe, warm and welcoming environment with a strong sense of community. We are all about you achieving your goals and ensure that you receive tailor made programs that deliver results.

When you join ReVibe not only will you feel successful and empowered but you will also experience a transformation of your body by improving core and back strength. Improving your quality of life means improving blood flow, reducing stiffness or flaccidity. Mental and emotional tension and trauma have a profound effect on your. Tight connective tissue is the source of stress, pain and immobility in the body.

This safe and effective method targets low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and many other areas.

read more › Kenny and Trish Stahl have owned and operated ReVibe since 2008. ReVibe is currently welcoming new clients for Pilates, massage therapy and Rossiter stretching here in our beautiful city, Colorado Springs. After college Trish moved from Ireland to America firstly for adventure and then to settle down into a career in law. Her travels brought her to Colorado Springs where she began her career in the corporate world. During this time she was "working out, " but was miserable with the continuing hip and back pain.

read more › There are spaces located on the north and west sides of the building, accessible from Fillmore and the cross-street, Ute Dr. There is also street parking immediately west of the building on Ute. Please be mindful of parking in front of residences. Disabled parking is located at the southwest area of the lot (designated). ReVibe prides itself on offering a very clean environment. Students are expected to wipe down the equipment they have used. Sticky socks are required at all times to prevent injury and maintain a clean environment.

read more › We strive to provide the highest quality service so if you're happy with us then please share with a review. Kenny is an amazing massage therapist. After many years of going to other therapists a friend recommended Kenny. I have been going to Kenny for 5 years now. His massages not only feel wonderful, relaxing and tension relieving but have also helped me recover from a couple of medical procedures. I truly believe his massages have brought healing to me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

read more › Thanks for your interest in ReVibe. Our mission is to offer you customized Pilates programs, Rossiter Stretching and massage therapy so you can have less pain, more mobility and live the life you want. New clients are encouraged to book a private session to get you started on your journey with ReVibe. During these three 1:1 sessions which are scheduled around your availability you will learn the fundamental exercises and understand the equipment involved with the Pilates method. We will address your specific needs, goals, injuries or concerns.

read more › These classes are not prerecorded but live. Students with a web camera will be seen by their instructor while you follow your instructor's workout. You'll also be able to interact as if the instructor is right there in the room with you. These classes are kept small so that modifications and suggestions can be given to perfect your form so that you get the most our of each class. Alternatively, you can get into your class via your profile ("Appointments") in Vagaro.

read more › We are a boutique Pilates studio located on the southeast corner of Fillmore Street and Ute Avenue near Union Blvd. We offer private and semi-private (max 2 ppl) equipment based Pilates with highly trained and dedicated instructors. Our goal is to make your experience fun, accessible and realistic in a safe, warm and welcoming environment with a strong sense of community. We are all about you achieving your goals and ensure that our clients/classes receive tailor made programs that deliver results.

read more › Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST) restores easy movement and naturally relieves pain through two-person pin-and stretch release techniques. Developed by Richard Rossiter, a certified advanced Rolfer and connective tissue specialist since 1987, the goal of RST is to unwind tight connective tissue (the head-to-toe network of Fascia) to restore lost space to the body. The most important function of connective tissue is to give the body its shape and form. Tight connective tissue changes our shape and form to which we adapt our movement patterns and over time we end up out of alignment and in pain.

read more › Become a Rossiter Stretching Technique (RST) Coach with this two day course and help your clients reach their full potential and mobility goals. Learn how to restore easy movement and naturally relieve pain through the two-person pin-and-stretch release techniques of RST to help people with pain and mobility issues such as low back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, TMJ, shoulder and neck issues, overuse injuries, plantar fasciitis, hip and knee pain, and much more. This is an ideal course for all body workers, manual therapists, sports and exercise professions, fitness trainers, Pilates Instructors and Yoga Instructors who are looking for adjunct modalities to add to their practice.

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