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Austin Living Massage Austin Living Massage specializes in low back and knee pain relief through the application of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and Sarga Bodywork. Ashiatsu and Sarga are barefoot massage modalities that helps give clients a very deep yet comfortable massage. My name is Lakshmi, licensed massage therapist and owner of Austin Living Massage. I learned about massage therapy through my own knee pain journey.

After clocking many weekly miles and hot yoga sessions, I started to feel like my kneecap was on fire and about to pop off. The Orthopedic Surgeon couldn't figure out what was wrong. Nothing came up in the MRI. And then there was talk of surgery. I didn't want to have surgery for an unknown cause. I became less active and quickly put on 20 pounds (which probably worsened the situation).

By chance, and mostly out of desperation, I ended up on the massage table of a Clinical Massage Therapist who specialized in trigger point therapy. To be honest, as I lay there, the session was painful and unpleasant, and I vowed to never to return.

read more › Same day appointments are usually unavailable as clients book anywhere from 2-3 days to a month in advance. But cancellations do happen and are not reflected in the calendar. If you cannot find the time/date available, please consider adding yourself to the Waitlist or request via email/text. If you are booking in advance the form will be sent to you automatically. Appointments are not considered "Accepted" or "Confirmed" until you have submitted your completed Intake Form. This is a safety measure to make sure you have no contraindications to this particular type of massage.

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