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Restorative Touch Massage offers professional, effective and high-quality massage services tailored to restore your body's natural health and function. At Restorative Touch, Lynette Ruppert, L.M.T., specializes in advanced therapeutic massage treatments, which aim to provide results that last beyond the fleeting feel-good massages typically practiced in spas and chain businesses.

Your massage treatment is suited to your preferences, including your choice of a full-body massage or massage of an isolated area of the body. To schedule your Restorative Touch Massage appointment, contact Lynette at 503.680.8087 or Appointments are available weekdays. To share the gift of massage, inquire about purchasing a Restorative Touch gift certificate.

If you were injured in an auto accident in Oregon, expenses for your massage treatments are covered by your auto insurance carrier for 12 months. Also, you will be responsible for out-of-pocket payment if your insurance company denies payment prior to or after your appointments.

read more › She entered private practice in 2004 after graduating from Ashmead College, now Everest College, in Portland. Soon after, Nike offered Lynette a coveted opportunity to practice at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton as a contract therapist. She quickly built a loyal following serving Nike's executives, employees and families, who were drawn by her reputation as an exceptional deep tissue and therapeutic practitioner. Lynette's base of clientele extended beyond the Nike campus and included professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB and WNBA.

read more › Often, we take time restore possessions that are precious and have great value in our lives - cars, homes, trophies, antiques and other valuables. Restorative Touch offers an array of services to help you restore your most valuable asset, your physical well-being. Choose to receive your treatments at Restorative Touch's quiet, conveniently located office in Bend or at your home or offsite location. If you were injured in an auto accident in Oregon, expenses for your massage treatments are covered by your auto insurance carrier for 12 months.

read more › Lynette is, by far, the most skilled massage therapist I've ever seen! I first saw her when she was still in massage school, and I've been a devoted client ever since! What I particularly love about Lynette is that she just knows what needs work! I walk into her room thinking one body part needs attention. She attentively listens to my requests, but often discovers something else. I always feel like I get the best treatment ever. I also love that she really knows how to do deep tissue massage. She can do the softer relaxation massages too, but deep tissue is definitely what I'm after when I see her.

read more › Recall the essence of your Restorative Touch massage and rejuvenate your spirit and body with Restorative Touch's carefully selected lineup of fine bath salts, which includes two varieties: Himalayan salts and sea salts. For both varieties, a wide selection of essential oils is available. Distinguished by its vivid pink color, Himalayan salt is packed with 84 nourishing, skin-replenishing minerals.

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