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read more › Due to declining membership and a lack of volunteers to run the organization, the Executive Committee voted to close the organization. OMTA, partnering with Lane Community College, has formed the Lane County Massage & Bodyworkers Organization. On the first Monday of every month we offer an ongoing series of continuing education subjects at the downtown campus in Eugene. Attendance is free, but there is a $5 fee for OMTA members to receive a Continuing Education Certificate. Non-members pay $10.
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read more › This is a good option if you have one specific area (either MLD or massage therapy) that you want to focus on in addition to an abbreviated full body massage. This is a good option if you have one or more specific areas you want to focus on in addition to a more thorough full body massage. This is a good option if you have multiple areas to focus on and want to be fully submersed in relaxation! This is the best option for full body MLD treatments. I'm Jill Deckman Cooper, Licensed Massage Therapist
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read more › Libert Myoskeletal Alignment and Massage, based in Bend, Oregon, combines massage therapy, joint mobilization and restorative exercise to treat and prevent injuries, as well as improve your physical performance. Limitations in the body's movement can hinder your basic quality of life. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or someone who wants to live a healthy, pain-free life, Libert Myoskeletal and Massage can help you achieve your physical potential. With a foundation in human physiology and biomechanics
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read more › Halcyon (pronounced halseeuhn) Bodyworks offers a wide variety of massage options for relaxation, rejuvenation and respite. We know every body is different so we tailor sessions to your specific needs. In Oregon, if you have been injured in a car accident your auto insurance may cover your injury related medical massage therapy. Auto injury massage can aid in recovery for many auto accident related injuries including neck and back injuries, whiplash, headaches, migraines, myofascial pain, tendon
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read more › My shoulder had become virtually immobile due to injury and over-protection. It hurt to move and I was fearful of manipulation. Lisa put me at ease and was very careful to proceed at a pace that was comfortable for me psychologically. Moreover, what she did, worked: I arrived looking like Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame; and today am quite symmetrical. Lisa's knowledge of anatomy, pleasant manner and understanding of what to do gave me a pain-free and mobile shoulder again. I was fortunate
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read more › If you are a parent or caretaker of an infant 0-12 months old, this course is for you! Infant Massage has been shown to improve sleep, support immune system, Colic relief, and so much more. Connection through touch has always been important, now, more than ever. Learn how to massage your baby in the comfort of your home, while being guided by a Certified Educator of Infant Massage.
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read more › We are proud to introduce EPAT/Shockwave Therapy as a non-surgical treatment option for our patients suffering from acute, subacute and chronic pain in deep layers of soft tissue, like. Bend Chiropractor and certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Dr. Bari evaluates each patient for disc injuries, as well as neck and back pain. Your initial visit will involve a spinal. Our Bend massage therapists offer targeted deep tissue massage, myofascial treatments, sports massage, and chiropractic massage
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read more › Katie Elston is the owner and LMT/Esthetician at Earth Body Massage. She graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage in 2006 at the age of 18. Gaining experience from working in medical clinics, spas, and working at Bend Family Dentistry learning TMJ treatment, formed her massage practice to gear more towards Deep Tissue Modalities and therapeutic touch. She went back to school in 2016 and got her Aesthetics and Advanced Medical Aesthetics license. When she isn't working massage you can find
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read more › Located in beautiful Bend Oregon, Intentional Wellness & Massage is here for you, whether you're needing deep relaxation, pain relief, or a combination of both. You will always be treated with compassion, professionalism, and a healing touch. Every Massage Session is Customized Every session is customized to your individual needs and the best healing treatment options for you. A typical massage combines a variety of modalities, blending eastern and western therapies that are both relaxing and
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read more › I believe in enhancing the wellness triangle of Mind, Body and Spirit. Increasing your awareness of all three, allowing your body to achieve homeostasis. My mission is to provide my clients with peace, relaxation, and well-being through the healing power of massage. My highly-trained and experienced staff will tailor a massage therapy treatment to your individual needs. I provide all possible therapies from gentle relaxation to aromatherapy to deep tissue massage to acupressure. All the while caring
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read more › Dr. Thomas Schill, DC, PC has been providing top notch chiropractic care to residents of Bend Oregon and the surrounding areas since 1999. Our practice combines the best of hands-on-techniques with state-of-the-art chiropractic therapies to provide hands on drug free health care. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy LightForce Laser Therapy is a proven treatment to repair tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve chronic pain. This newest technology is effective for joint pain, soft tissue dysfunction, and conditions
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read more › If you live in Bend or Central Oregon and have a debilitating chronic condition, or injury, infertility challenge, or women's health challenge, and have already "been through the wringer" of doctors, chiros, and physical therapists only to be told that you are 'getting old' or that there is "nothing wrong with you", "it's all in your head", or that there is "no cure", we can help. You're in the right place. Trusted by amateur and professional athletes, happy moms and dads, and women all across Bend
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read more › Restorative Touch Massage offers professional, effective and high-quality massage services tailored to restore your body's natural health and function. At Restorative Touch, Lynette Ruppert, L.M.T., specializes in advanced therapeutic massage treatments, which aim to provide results that last beyond the fleeting feel-good massages typically practiced in spas and chain businesses. Your massage treatment is suited to your preferences, including your choice of a full-body massage or massage of an isolated
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read more › Techniques vary depending on your needs, including deep tissue, cupping, and relaxing Swedish massage. Vanessa deepened her studies in Thailand, where she became certified in Advanced Thai Massage at Loi Kroh Massage School. These techniques incorporate slow, passive stretching and deep compression. With a compassionate presence, Vanessa is dedicated to offering a space for every client to practice self-care, whether recovering from injury or healing emotionally. On a personal note, Vanessa lives
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Balanced Life Massage
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 1012 NW Wall St
  • (541) 771-8190
Cassandra Wheeler Massage Therapy
  • Bend, OR 97702
  • 296 SW Columbia St
  • (541) 390-8897
Massage Solutions Of Bend
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 1289 NE 2nd St
  • (541) 317-4826
Therapeutic Massage & Fitness
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 39 NW Louisiana Ave
  • (541) 390-0603
Voila! Massage
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 2955 N Highway 97
  • (541) 647-9483
Cascade Massage Therapy
  • Bend, OR 97702
  • 805 SW Industrial Way
  • (541) 610-6057
Mystic Cloud Massage
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 568 NE Savannah Dr
  • (541) 382-0000
Silk Road Massage
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 2655 Altair Ct
  • (541) 610-9630
Studio Shen Massage
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 115 NW Oregon Ave
  • (541) 517-1603
Kirsten Opie Therapeutic Massage
  • Bend, OR 97702
  • 61419 S Highway 97
  • (541) 815-4346
Ana Lani Massage
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 62930 O.B. Riley Rd
  • (808) 557-8058
Anjali Massage & Bodywork
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 29 NW Greeley Ave
  • (541) 610-8243
Serenity Bodyworks & Massage
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 1900 NE Division St
  • (541) 797-8826
Diane DeYulia Medical Massage
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 1404 NE 3rd St
  • (541) 508-6581
The Massage Project
  • Bend, OR 97702
  • 1182 SE Centennial Ct
  • (408) 710-2658
Mana Massage
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 461 NE Greenwood Ave
  • (808) 372-9298
Massage By Kathi
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 431 NW Franklin Ave
  • (541) 280-6980
Sportouch Massage Human & Eqn
  • Bend, OR 97701
  • 63288 Cimarron Dr
  • (541) 385-1084
Healing Hands Massage
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 1010 NW Harriman St
  • (541) 383-8910
Plauche Massage Therapy
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 2330 NE Division Street Suite #8
  • (406) 274-4695
Bend Massage & Wellness
  • Bend, OR 97702
  • 222 SE Urania Ln
  • (541) 647-0493
Massage For Health
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • 141 NW Greenwood Ave
  • (503) 828-7464
Esther's Glow Massage
  • Bend, OR 97707
  • 56870 Venture Ln
  • (541) 815-1739