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Barefoot Garden Massage & Spa It's not "back walking" - really it's a graceful, modern version of an ancient form of massage meaning "foot pressure". The therapist uses their clean pedicured feet, along with gravity, to deliver a deeper pressure while holding onto bars anchored above the table for balance and control. The strokes are long and flowing so it can feel like a deep Swedish massage, however it is also a very effective form of deep tissue.

It's wonderful for chronic pain due to muscle imbalances or spinal compression. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. Many clients fully undress. If you need to leave on your underwear for comfort then by all means, leave on your underwear. Our massages typically are done on bare skin using oil. In order to receive the best massage experience we would suggest removing everything else.

Deep tissue massage simply means that you are working through the surface layers of muscle to reach deeper layers. It is not the same thing as firm pressure. It is typically not a relaxing Swedish massage.

read more › For those looking for deeper and firmer pressure! A graceful and modern version of an ancient Japanese massage style. Experience the deep relaxation of barefoot massage today. This is a wonderful fit for those with dense muscle tissue or chronic pain due to muscle imbalances or spinal compression. Influenced by the Japanese Anma style, this facial focuses on improving facial quality through massage. Relax those little stress lines while increasing circulation to your cells. This facial massage will naturally increase collagen production and encourage the release of stagnant fluids which can cause a dull or puffy appearance.

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