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Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage, our mission is to help you attain and maintain your optimum sense of health and well-being. We provide massage therapy to a diverse clientele, ranging from premature infants, to competitive athletes, to expectant mothers and active seniors. With specialties in Sports massage, Prenatal massage & Thai massage, and over 20 years of massage therapy experience, we are able to tailor each session to your specific needs.

Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage is conveniently located just off of Mt. Rose Highway, in the Wedge Parkway Professional Center (use the Nevada Investment Management entrance). Please Like & Follow the Connective Touch Facebook Page to get up to date information about what is happening at the office, links to articles and tips on self-care. If you have specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me either by email at or by phone at (703) 568-2010.

While I certainly am not a physician, this biblical proverb is resonating strongly with me at the moment.

read more › At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage, health and wellness is our priority. We want to help you make it yours. With over 20 years of experience in the health industry our therapists are able to skillfully apply therapeutic massage and bodywork to help you achieve your desired level of wellness, and provide you with information and tools that you can use to help maintain it. Whether you are a recreational or competitive athlete hoping to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury, or an expectant mother seeking relief from the common discomforts of pregnancy; if you are a busy executive hoping to reduce stress and increase personal productivity, or someone who is recovering from a recent illness or injury, we are here to help you.

read more › While we believe all massage is therapeutic, even the ones that sound like a fruit tray you might find at a tropical resort, when you schedule a therapeutic massage you can expect a session that is primarily based in Swedish technique which is characterized by 5 styles of soft tissue manipulation including gliding, kneading, friction, tapotement (rhythmic tapping) and joint movement. These may be applied superficially or at greater depth of pressure depending on your specific needs. Other techniques that may be incorporated in to your session are described below.

read more › At Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage we strive to tailor each session to your unique needs at the time of each service, often employing multiple techniques in one session. Therefore our rates are based on session length rather than technique. To determine the appropriate session length please refer to following general guidelines, realizing that factors such as the nature of your visit (relaxation, injury recovery/rehab, chronic pain, etc.), your physical build and your treatment history may impact your session length.

read more › A: You don't have to. Prior to your first session you will fill out an intake form providing information about your health history, activity level and other factors that may be impacting your health/wellness at that time. Your therapist will review this information with you, discussing your goals and what you would like to accomplish during your treatment, and will then be able to determine what techniques are most appropriate for you. After your pre-session consultation, your therapist will step out of the room to allow for your privacy as you get on the massage table.

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