Integrative Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
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This is a customized service that may include several modalities to enhance the healing experience for the receiver. While relaxation techniques may be used, more commonly the use of neuromuscular techniques, stretching, and self care instructions are provided. Trigger points are areas in a muscle with exquisite sensation that may refer to a another area of the body in mostly predictable patterns.

Therapy for trigger points can sometimes be uncomfortable but should never take your breath away. Please communicate well with your therapist. Myofascial techniques are performed using no lubricant and used to target specific sensory nerves in the body that may be responsible for chronic pain perception. The technique is very slow and patient and is used to address the connective tissue system that surrounds every muscle fiber, organ, and nerve in our body that may experience dysfunction due to trauma or overuse.

Pregnancy is not a pathology but an experience of significant change in the body in a short period of time.

read more › Everyone has their people, their tribe, their trusted few whom they know they can count on for all of the things, big and small. A life philosophy I try and live by is to always be kind and by being kind, I can change the world with a ripple effect. Here's me doing a tiny part of that by sharing my trusted few with you. These are all businesses I've personally used or benefited from in some way. I recommend them all 100% and trust each of them. I don't perform lymphatic work so I need someone I trust to send clients who are seeking this modality.

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