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The Busy Body The Busy Body Massage Clinic is a unique concept in massage therapy as we believe touch is not a luxury, it is a basic human need and a crucial component of good health. Our goal is to be the very best Tucson massage clinic in our community. I have been a practicing massage therapist since 2001. I believe that massage is more than just a luxury, it is a crucial component of good health.

I opened my Tucson massage practice to fill a need which has been lacking in the massage community - quality vs. quantity. Our goal is not to get as many people as we can through our doors, it is to keep them coming back and building relationships with our clients. This is achieved when the focus is on providing the best experience for our clients which is why we are one of the few establishments that offers a full one hour massage, not 50 minutes.

The Busy Body was a single person business that has recently expanded offering more massage therapists and 5 treatment rooms to accommodate a growing number of clientele.

read more › The Busy Body Massage Clinic is a better alternative to corporate-run massage chains and high-priced day spas and resorts. We're invested in making sure you find the best therapeutic fit for your goals. Whether you're seeking chronic pain relief, want to boost your athletic recovery, or need a stress-busting hour of relaxation, our team is here to help. Daria is the owner of The Busy Body Massage Clinic. Her passion for living a healthier life lead her to study massage therapy where she graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 2001.

read more › Clients may purchase packages of four (4) massages for a savings of $5 off each massage, $20 total. 4/30 min. Feel the Busy Body difference with our Custom Tailored Massage. Your highly-trained massage therapist will draw from their wide range of specialized techniques to customize a treatment unique to your needs. Instead of having to choose from a long treatment menu, our therapists communicate with you before your session about what your preferences, focus areas, and goals are and then build a treatment plan based on your specific needs for the most effective results.

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