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Liz Angiello, CMT, LAc is a mutli-modal healer who specializes in spiritual alchemy, with a focus on chronic pain, trauma and emotional wellness. While she works on your body and mind using acupuncture and massage, Liz addresses your spirit through intuitive energy medicine, flower essences and sound healing. She views the body as the interface between the soul and the outside world, and that each level of a person's being must be addressed to achieve holistic healing.

If you are willing to dive deep into your healing, Liz can assist you in a longer-term transformative path where you can emerge as a happier, more present and more emotionally evolved human being. All of my personalized treatments are carefully designed to relieve your pain as well as help you live a happier and more comfortable life. Explore my list of treatments below to learn how I can help you feel your best -- and start your healing journey today!

My acupuncture treatments use hair-thin needles to create local and systemic changes, or as we refer to it in Traditional Chinese Medicine, treating the branch as well as the root, to promote whole body healing.

read more › Liz Angiello has experiential and intuitive knowledge of the body, mind, and heart, which she uses to facilitate your healing. Liz has sixteen years of experience as a massage therapist and she graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a MSTCM in 2014. Her externships included the rehabilitation unit at the California Pacific Medical Center where she cared for people following stroke and spinal cord injury, and the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic and Lifelong Medical where she dealt with a variety of health concerns in an integrated care model.

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