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I enjoy sharing yoga, massage and other healthful modalities: with anyone really- but especially those who really appreciate how good they feel afterwards. Perhaps it's nagging symptoms like chronic insomnia, worry, anxiety or even a health issue like low energy, high blood pressure, or reproductive issues, that's making you pause and say "I've gotta do something."

I was 14. Growing up in the Bronx, in a working class family, I happened upon the word "yoga" in TV Guide. Always curious I wanted to know what it meant. Thus started my yoga journey, practicing with Lilias Folan's TV show on PBS (she was a yoga pioneer.) Well- it didn't last long. Soon after, my Jamaican mother caught me on my bed, sitting in lotus pose, eyes closed, legs crossed apparently doing nothing.

This made no sense to her- she thought I'd lost my mind. Thus ended the practice. Fast forward to my late 20's I took my first actual yoga class, and fell in love with the practice. I had gone back to school- yoga helped me through a rigorous college program at Mt. Holyoke College.

read more › Note I begin the session as soon as the shiatsu mat is set up and after checking in with your and reviewing your intake form. Ideally the entire session comprises 1 hour and 15 min in your home, including set-up, intake and break down. Your feeling tired, less energy than you used to have and your sleep is not as deep and restful lately. Shiatsu is amazing- it is way beyond a muscular massage- it is similar to the benefits of acupuncture- health, increased well being, better digestion, deeper sleep, libido etc. Shiatsu works at the bodies deepest level, below our muscles is an energy flow feeding the organs, tissues and muscles.

read more › BEST: Leave a couple of best times for you by use instant recording or contact form, expect to receive a reply email from (yoginikala (at) gmail (dot) com, ) within 48 hours. If this is about-guest posting, joint ventures with other holistic practitioners, yoga product reviews or other fabulous proposals see here for more info.

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