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Whether your enjoying our docked services or going on a chartered voyage for the day or the week Lotus Transcendence is your way to go. While massage is a great way to keep your body operating at peak efficiency, wellness is much more than muscle relaxation. Enjoy a wellness program on board The Queen's Yacht with private or group wellness sessions with one of our massage therapist, yoga instructors, Reiki master, personal trainers and nutritionists.

Embark on a voyage in a private charter to Catalina islands and other luxurious destinations on the California coastal region.

read more › Lotus Transcendence is a wellness enterprise founded by massage therapist and holistic wellness practitioner Lotus Kundalini providing massage therapy and holistic wellness services in locations nationwide with our network of providers. Lotus Kundalini is the founder and operator of the Kundalini Collective a network of holistic wellness practitioners with facilities that include the Hollywood Hills Private Membership Villa Residence, Malibu Wellness Retreat 40 acre for Horse Riding and Hiking trails and the Sage Sanctuary 200 acre nature wellness fitness and zen retreat in an organic farm in San Diego County.

read more › Massage is the most transformational and among the oldest of the healing arts. References to massage and its values go back to the beginnings of recorded history. Wilshire massage provided our valued customers with the most widely recognized benefits of massage. If you are late to your massage session, we will not always be able to give you your full service time. Appointments scheduled after your service must be respected, customers on time will not have to wait on customers that are not punctual.

read more › European spa facial services include a 22 pressure point facial massage, that is 70% acupressure and 30% lymphatic, working to detox your skin "from the inside out". Each facial includes massaging customized serums into your skin targeting your exact skin type; products include IS Clinical, Epicuren, and Intraceuticals. Products specifically address the unique concerns of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments and their changing skin. This soothing and revitalizing facial is designed to gently awaken the senses while encouraging a restorative balance of harmony to the skin.

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