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Massage With A Caring Heart We specialize in Barefoot Thai Massage. We combine gentle, deep compressions-using our feet as instruments to relieve muscle tightness-with assisted stretches and acupressure to loosen joints and relax the body holistically. Each session is uniquely adapted to the needs of the client, with the intention of restoring vitality, increasing range of motion, and relieving pain.

Barefoot compressions are ideally suited for individuals with chronic muscle pain or fatigue from injuries, overuse, and repetitive movement. Competitive athletes and people who exert their bodies on a daily basis benefit greatly from this work. Assisted stretches help the body recover its natural flexibility and relieve tightness in the joints. The effect is both deeply relaxing and revitalizing.

In addition to Barefoot Thai, we offer nurturing and thorough Swedish massage and pregnancy massage.

read more › A graduate of the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute, Nicky has long been guided by an awareness of the connection between body care and quality of life. She cares holistically for her own body and brings this approach to each of her massage sessions. Her serene and open manner sets clients at ease and enables them to relax fully and get the most out of their treatments. After exploring various career paths from marine biology to community event planning, Nicky found her true vocation as a massage therapist.

read more › Whether you need simple relaxation or would like to address specific pain issues, we offer a variety of massage techniques. We bring a gentle and attentive perspective to this revolutionary approach to deep tissue massage and myofascial release. Using the foot allows the compressions to be slow, gentle, and precise. Both Nicky LaFleur and Aimee Roy are adept at finding tension areas and applying gradually increasing pressure to allow muscles to release with minimal discomfort. This technique successfully addresses chronic pain issues resulting from injuries and overexertion.

read more › You know how wonderful you feel after your massage. You can offer the same experience to your friends and loved ones with these beautiful handmade gift certificates. The Gibian Wellness Center is conveniently located at 1522 State Street, between Micheltorena and Arrellaga. Off-street parking is available. Appointments can be made online or by contacting Nicky directly at (805) 680-9208, and Aimee Roy at (805) 453-1589. To better serve all my clients, I require 24-hour notice for cancellation of appointments or there is a 50% charge per service.

read more › Below you will find articles and a list of holistic practitioners to aid in your overall wellbeing. What do they mean? Do their bodies feel good, their minds clear and free of worry, or their hearts at ease? A massage experience can certainly bring about these sensations, but what is happening inside ourselves when we lie on a table or a mat for an hour? As you lie down for a massage, you are already signaling your body that a shift is occurring. Receiving a massage helps activate the part of our nervous system that is responsible for: decreasing heart rate, decreasing respiratory rate, relaxing muscles, dilating blood vessels of the skin and limbs (allowing more blood to circulate to the periphery), normalizing blood sugar, aiding digestion, and repairing tissue.

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