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read more › It's not just about pressure, or knowing where to find the muscles, or those little perks like convenient online scheduling and a chocolate at the end of each session. It's not even that she's got the most comfortable table in town. All of this, plus her sensibility, compassion, and calming energy, make Suzanna Young's healing touch something very special. Most people look for an experienced professional who is skilled in the types of massage that they prefer. They want a therapist who listens and
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read more › Combining Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine with Therapeutic Yoga & Massage Vishal Offers Personalized Wellness Programs for ACTIVE PEOPLE Like You. Active people are accustomed to feeling lively, energetic, vigorous and full of life. They strive to thrive, to maintain their vitality, to prosper; they expect to enjoy a long life. Vishal understands that it is particularly frustrating for people on the go when they are slowed down, sidelined or otherwise impeded by pain or other medical conditions
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read more › In my experience I've seen two goals of massage, the feel good massage that does not effectively solve problems and the deep structural work that is effective but either painful or simply not relaxing. My work incorporates a multitude of modalities integrating relaxation and relief with therapeutic results. Divine Align Massage & Wellness encompasses a collection of advanced techniques in bodywork and therapeutic integrative health practices to optimize sports performance and eliminate pain. Our
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read more › After graduating from the Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute with 650 hours of training, I created New Earth Wellness Massage Therapy and started assisting clients with their well-being through therapeutic massage offering relaxation and pain relief. My purpose is to support you by giving a restorative massage session followed with personalized self-care treatment tips to best assist you in your journey of self-care. Ultimately, tending to ones own body is very important to ones overall well-being
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read more › I AM HEALING is now able to accommodate in-person services! While a doctor's referral is no longer required, we work closely with Inner Strength Chiropractic in Santa Barbara and Crystal Chiropractic in Goleta who we see for our own chiropractic needs! We continue to follow guidance from the California Governor's office, the California Massage Therapy Council and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals to outline safety precautions for our clientele. We ask that you bathe immediately before
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read more › My purpose is to provide the highest quality self care and nourishment through integrative massage therapy. I serve clients who are invested in their personal wellbeing and ready to take their self care routine to the next level. Located in the downtown Santa Barbara area, we work together in a safe, sacred space that facilitates deep relaxation and rejuvenation. My clients leave feeling heard, cared for, and create a deeper awareness of their body. My purpose is to provide the highest quality compassion
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read more › At Zen Diva Spa we are committed to using only the highest quality, green, clean and organic products in all of our treatments. We hand select botanical-based products, such as the luxurious Natura Culina range, which are handmade in Santa Barbara. Zen Diva is our vision of the serene and glamorous, calm and distinguished woman that exists within each one of us. We know that "she" is there but in order to access "her" we need to release judgmental thoughts and self-conscious behaviors. We offer
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read more › We specialize in Barefoot Thai Massage. We combine gentle, deep compressions-using our feet as instruments to relieve muscle tightness-with assisted stretches and acupressure to loosen joints and relax the body holistically. Each session is uniquely adapted to the needs of the client, with the intention of restoring vitality, increasing range of motion, and relieving pain. Barefoot compressions are ideally suited for individuals with chronic muscle pain or fatigue from injuries, overuse, and repetitive
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read more › If you're looking for a holistic health care specialist you've come to the right place. As a Chiropractor, I found myself correcting the same subluxations three times a week on many patients. Regardless what technique I used, the relief they experienced was always temporary. Chiropractic is not just about back or neck pains, but rather, overall health. I wanted to understand why my patients were only experiencing temporary relief instead of permanent relief. This curiosity brought me to the works
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Marlo's Therapeutic & Sports Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93105
  • 103 S Hope Ave
  • (805) 453-2333
Zen Massage Place
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93103
  • 500 N Milpas St
  • (805) 322-8850
Rejuvenasia Organic Skin Care & Holistic Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93105
  • 9 E Calle Laureles
  • (805) 722-0777
WENJUAN Massage Therapy
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93110
  • 100 N Hope Ave
  • (805) 837-9939
Maggie's Massage Studio
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 27 E Victoria St
  • (805) 705-4097
Heavenly Massage By Sara
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93108
  • 1235 Coast Village Rd
  • (805) 742-6345
SB Massage 2 Transform
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93105
  • 2675 Gibraltar Rd
  • (805) 636-9454
Massage By Seth
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 1426 Euclid Ave
  • (805) 878-6855
Massage With Shanti Rose
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93111
  • 5290 Overpass Rd
  • (805) 448-0413
Terraform Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 1226 State St
  • (805) 280-6073
Temple Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 827 State St
  • (805) 252-3951
Royal Thai Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93105
  • 3204 State St
  • (805) 687-9888
Massage Therapeutic Healing
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 1727 State St
  • (805) 683-0345
Transformational Abdominal Massage By Jada Delaney
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 1010 Anacapa St
  • (415) 242-0864
Deep Soothe Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93103
  • 403 Orilla Del Mar
  • (805) 669-8161
Deep Tissue Massage Center
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 226 E Canon Perdido St
  • (805) 770-3222
Noble Massage Spa
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93110
  • 4423 Hollister Ave
  • (805) 967-2968
Kemp Chiropractic & Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 809 Chapala St
  • (805) 966-3344
Chinese Dragon Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93110
  • 4010 Calle Real
  • (805) 682-5400
Deeper Touch Massage
  • Santa Barbara, CA 93101
  • 30 W Mission St
  • (805) 242-1355