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Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado, with an emphasis on therapeutic techniques. I've expanded into energy medicine which applies the understanding of sublime energy and information flows of the human body to healing by balancing those flows. With a past life as an electrical engineer with Hewlett-Packard's RF and Microwave Test Equipment, I've been able to transfer that knowledge to the human body.

Our body is coursing with electromagnetic currents running through our veins, neurons, and tissues. We radiate fields and waves of electromagnetism around the body. We have endogenous biophotons lighting up inside of us. However, not all that happens within the body appears to be driven by Standard EM theory. Transcendent healing can happen beyond the distance of an electromagnetic field or inside an enclosure shielded from any electromagnetic force.

Wisdom traditions such as the Vedic systems in India and Oriental medicine say this is prana or chi. You may experience this energy in yoga or Tai Chi class or during an acupuncture treatment.

read more › I offer an integrated combination of therapies based on how your body presents the day of your appointment. My skill is being present to the muscles "like having a conversation with each part of my body". And then respond gracefully and effectively, melting away the tension. Deep Tissue, Swedish, Soft Tissue Normalization, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Energy Medicine, Gemstone energy therapy, Reiki, Healing Touch, Integrative Therapy, and more.

read more › I help science-minded, thoughtful, and curious people tap into their innate Intelligence and attune to Higher Consciousness. This brings a sense of authentic expression into their personal life, their life's work, and perhaps finding their passion. What is limiting your Authentic Truth from embodiment? How do you increase confidence, strength, and courage accomplish your passions? Biofield healing sessions do this and more. They discharge the emotional discordance, while allowing the energy behind the emotions to move through to completion.

read more › Each session is unique to you, your situation at the time of the appointment, and your intention. Light and color are energies used in combination with gemstones and crystals. Tibetan bowls, bells, tuning forks, and other sounds may be used during the session. Sound effects our cells, matrix, bones and even our hair. The body's energy layers, chakras, and the lattice of energy are balanced with the Divine Source Energy that flows through us. Most importantly, Compassion, Loving-kindness, and Harmony form the basis for every session.

read more › The biofield is both the physical and the non-physical aspects of the body and the area around the body. This includes the material and immaterial aspects: the body, our thoughts, emotions, mind, and spirit. Some of these are quantifiable, others less so or not at all. The unquantifiable aspects of the biofield, to me, is a lattice of Light. Alex Grey illustrates his "view" of them in his beautiful and intriguing artwork. I invite you to browse his Sacred Mirrors project at, in particular his named pieces; Psychic Energy System, Spiritual Energy System, and Universal Mind Lattice which show the layering of the lattices.

read more › Learn Tools to Transmute Energies for self healing or as an addition to your energy medicine practice. We'll explore three types of light each with a different density. These are all at play within our biofield - our body mind spirit within and about us. Specifically we'll look at the Sublime Light within our hearts, both the science and the experience. Aspiring Explorers talk about electromagnetism in the body and endogenous light in the body, as well as mystics view of Light in the Body. The Boulder Society of Scientific Exploration takes a truly skeptical and scientific look at any and all topics.

read more › Both healing and advanced practices use the same lovingly effective tools to transmute energies, the Tools of the Golden Yolk. You are a conscious, intelligent being of great import and Transcendent Light. You have a field of electromagnetic light which guides your growth and physical health, and has done so from birth, since you were an embryo. This field is measurable and informs your nervous system. You also have an energy field of Sublime Light that translates between those two types of light, not measurable at this time.

read more › I'm so glad I found Medicine Massage! Having previously tried 3 other massage therapists to relieve tension in my shoulders and forearms, I have been delighted with the results of each session with Debbie, who listens well, and knows what I need - also - she's really nice! I signed up for a hot-stone massage after seeing Medicine Massage mentioned in Sunset magazine. It was a real treat. Deb is not only a certified massage therapist but also an Reiki healer! She did a combo of both which resulted in a marvelously refreshing and energizing experience.

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