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Ama Greenrose Manasse, Certified Massage Therapist since 2002, helps to facilitate profound healing. Her work affects your core self, nervous and organ systems, and contributes to improved health and well-being. Ama offers a holistic approach to Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Most sessions are an integration of various techniques drawn from a vast toolbox, gathered from over 19 years of trainings and practice.

Through a thorough intake process, each session is co-designed with clients, to best address symptoms, health goals and interests. Her specialties include certification in Oncology Massage in which she works with clients before, during, and after treatment for cancer. Ama also has training in advanced Pre- & Perinatal (Pregnancy) Massage, scar tissue remediation and Manual Lymph Drainage/MLD (Vodder).

Primary techniques utilized include Swedish, Reflexology, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, still holds, joint range of motion, active and assisted stretching, guided breathing and visualization, and vibration healing (with music and/or a tuning fork).

read more › Long sweeping strokes and kneading, focus on decreasing muscular tension, increasing blood circulation and relaxation response. Resting gently into the conncetive tissues of the body that surround and attach all other tissues, unwinding happens and stuck areas open, allowing for more space and mobility. Finger and hand pressure is applied at certain points of the body, which correspond to acupuncture points, along the body's energy lines, or meridians. Many points have been measured and researched by western science, and are confirmed for their benefits.

read more › It is advisable to schedule your session when you have some space and time for yourself afterwards. We will explore your health history, current wellbeing, and outline short and long term goals. Ama would rather you come more often, as you need the work, and pay a little less per session. Starting at $80/hr.

read more › A gentle, body-based approach to Resolving Symptoms Related to Stress, Overwhelm & Trauma. Peter Levine is the founder and developer of Somatic Experiencing. He studied how animals in the wild reacted and responded to, what we would experience as a traumatic situation, possibly leading to years of varying degrees of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He noticed that these (natural) threats-to-life did not cause wild animals residual trauma or symptoms of on-going stress. But humans do. So he discovered a series of behaviours that animals go through, and developed techniques to help humans go through them too, unlocking stuckness and continuing the process of resolution and return to normal, healthy life.

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