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Kinetic Sports Massage & Therapy Hi, my name is Susan Farhat, and I founded Kinetic Sports Massage and Therapy in 2009 to merge a life-long love of massage and a passion for triathlon training. We work with all levels of athletes who now experience the undeniable benefits of massage integrated with fitness. We also work with anyone whose goal is to decrease pain and promote healing.

As a massage therapist and educator teaching state-wide and an instructor at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, I invite you to come and experience the Kinetic difference for yourself! Book your first appointment now and receive a FREE CUPPING add-on (value of $15) with any 1 hour or more massage! Simply mention this coupon on our website and experience the benefits of cupping today!

Nani has lived in Sarasota since 2001 and graduated from Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2015. There, she was introduced to a wide range of massage modalities and tended to mostly use deep tissue, cupping, and neuromuscular techniques. She has been a receiver of massage for many years, which is partially what led her to pursue this healing profession.

read more › Thai Massage on The Table: These classes are primarily hands-on workshops that will allow you to adapt traditional Thai techniques to be used on the massage table. These techniques will add variety to your table-based practice and can be beneficial for your clients, especially in assisting athletes in improving flexibility and performance. Self-Myofascial Release and Foam Rolling: Foam rolling is an incredibly valuable tool for self-care for therapists and their clients. It reduces tension and increases flexibility.

read more › As we all know, life happens, and if there is any kind of medical illness involved, we encourage you to cancel your appointment. Please try your best to allow 24 hours of notice before your appointment time. However, if there is no medical reason to cancel, you may be charged for the full price of your appointment without a 24-hour notice. Without enough notice, we are unable to fill the appointment time with another client and lose the opportunity to help a client and make a living! Thank you for understanding.

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