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He graduated from the National Holistic Institute as a massage therapist and health educator in 2008. After graduating Chris spent 4 years working and studying further with Mr. Myke Zykoff HHP, C.Ht at his practice, Zykoff Bodywork & Hypnotherapy, in West Hollywood. Chris has since developed a philosophy of practice called BCT, Body Communication Therapy.

He works as a freelance massage therapist providing in home, on set and corporate office massage, as well as classes and workshops educating clients and therapists alike. Absolutely perfect massage! Chris is very professional and highly skilled. It was incredibly relaxing while still being deep enough to get all the knots and crunchies in my shoulders.

I will definitely be using him again!

read more › Body Communication Therapy, or BCT, is a philosophy of practice that combines multiple massage techniques as a means of having a "tactile conversation" with the body. In short, it's working WITH the body instead of ON the body. The language of the body is sensation. In order to give the body what it needs, we need to be versed in what the body is communicating. BCT, at it's base, uses sustained pressure and stillness to allow the body to react over time. Your autonomic responses, subconscious flexion, and breathing patterns all communicate how your body is receiving the work.

read more › We all hold the key to our best life inside ourselves. Our mind creates our reality based on how we use it. Because of this, we can use our mind to live whatever personal truth we choose to experience. But, like any tool, it can be used for creation or destruction, benefit or hinderance. It can be utilized as both our greatest power and our most challenging obstacle. And it all starts with learning Emotional Intelligence. The choice is ours. What is your MindTruth?

read more › The Lesson Session is a shared massage session between you and a friend or loved one. This instructional 60 or 90 minutes will give you the basics of healing touch along with a simple to follow massage sequence that you can use indefinitely. You will be instructed while your session partner receives the work. You get the benefit of learning a professional massage sequence while your partner gets to enjoy receiving the massage both you and I provide. These lessons in no way qualify any persons involved as a certified massage therapist and as such they may not legally request monetary compensation for utilizing said techniques.

read more › Wellness in business takes many forms. Beneficial products or services, quality customer service, and a steady profit margin are all part of the external wellness of a business. Likewise, the internal wellness is just as essential. Proper communication and management, an enjoyable working environment, and incentives to succeed are all part of the equation. And since the internal efforts produce much of the external results, the continued success of a business depends greatly on how well it functions internally.

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