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Inertia6 Inertia6 is a unique Bellevue Pilates studio that offers one-on-one Classical Pilates instruction and Massage Therapy to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness. We believe, "A Body In Motion Stays In Motion, " and by using movement you will find a long and youthful life. More specifically, you can only keep your mobility if you stay active and healthy.

Through Pilates and massage, we will tailor a personal fitness program to meet your goals to:. Inertia6 is fully loaded with Gratz equipment. We use Gratz exclusively for our Pilates sessions to work your body from beginning to end. Gratz equipment is designed to give you the support you need, however, it's main objective is to assure all the work is actually coming from your own body, and not the machine.

In addition to transforming your body, Pilates and massage therapy go hand in hand to support your overall well being, which is our main goal. For example, learn about the six principals of Pilates which play a key role in a successful classical Pilates program.

read more › Inertia6 is an exciting new Bellevue Pilates studio that offers you the unique combination of Classical Pilates and Licensed Massage Therapy. With personal training, Inertia6 gives you one-on-one private Pilates lessons, massage therapy, and also offers occasional group Pilates classes. The objective and belief of Inertia6 is summed up in our slogan: A Body In Motion Stays In Motion. So many of us suffer restrictions, pain, and/or loss of function all relating to lack of mobility and strength. In light of that, Inertia6 keeps you healthy and doing what you love by creating a personalized treatment program with your body and your goals in mind.

read more › Inertia6 delivers the best Classical Pilates Bellevue has to offer with Private Pilates, group Pilates classes, and personal training. Inertia6 practices Classical Pilates, also known as Authentic Pilates, which maintains the original Joseph H. Pilates work of Contrology. It is practiced using traditional equipment with his original exercises to benefit mind and body. Seeking the best classical Pilates Bellevue has to offer? Inertia6 provides both private Pilates and duet Pilates lessons. All Pilates sessions are 50 minutes in length and are comprised of a combination of apparatus and mat work.

read more › When you're in or near Bellevue massage is easy to fit into your schedule at Inertia6. We're open seven days a week to provide relief and support for your body and mind with revitalizing massage therapy, exactly when you need it most. The history of massage dates back thousands of years. Despite the fact that its benefits have only recently been recognized by western medicine, it is important to know that body massage is used in many cultures around the world for treatment and wellness. Our savvy massage therapy embraces a range of techniques and modalities customized to your individual needs.

read more › Inertia6 is a play on Newton's first law. Also referred to as the law of inertia, it states that an object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. At Inertia6, our job is to keep your body moving. If your body has been at rest for too long, allow us to be the outside force that changes the course of your health. A body in motion stays in motion. The 6 comes from the six principals of Pilates: Control, Concentration, Centering, Precision, Breathing, and Flow.

read more › Learn about our policies and additional studio information to get you started on your physical journey. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will be charged for your lesson or massage unless you cancel online at least 24 hours in advance. Please do not wear jewelry, pants, or shorts with zippers to your Pilates lesson (the zippers damage the apparatuses). Introduction: Your instructor will take a few minutes in your first session to chat with you and get to know your body. You may discuss injuries, your current level of fitness, and/or your goals.

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