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Rubs Massage Studio HAVING ONE OF THOSE DAYS? 50, 80 & 110 Minutes massages at any of our Tucson and surrounding locations. The services we provide help relieve stress, thereby positively affecting your overall health and wellness. You will find it easy to relax with our treatments, including skin care, waxing, and massage in Tucson. Every massage is customized to meet your needs!

Whether you are looking for deep tissue, pain relief, prenatal, sports massage, or something else, we can customize your treatment to help you relax. Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and enjoy being pampered with a friend, partner, or a loved one! Escape your daily stress, Getaway from your worries - Rubs has the perfect mini-staycation for you!

Say goodbye to those nasty razor bumps! Our waxing features smooth and long-lasting results - your comfort and satisfaction guaranteed. Give us just 50 MINUTES of your time. That is all we need to provide you with relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, or just some peaceful time to yourself.

read more › We're a full-service massage, skin care, and waxing studio with locations across Southern Arizona. When you're paired with the right therapist, massage can and will change your life for the better. Our massage therapists are trained to work with all kinds of clients, from expectant mothers to overworked athletes. We believe massage is restorative. Once you experience this kind of massage, you will be hooked for life on the sense of well-being that you experience after each treatment. Massage ultimately leaves you in a state of JOY.

read more › Is this is your first time visiting one of our convenient locations? We would like you to feel right at home! Let's take a look at your entire experience - from the initial phone call to the checkout process at the end of your session. During your call to book an appointment, we will ask you regarding your expectations: are you looking for a deep tissue session, a relaxing/nurturing session, or specific work? We are experts at matching you with a therapist to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible, each and every time.

read more › We believe in the importance of self-care. Not just once or twice a year, when you finally feel so exhausted that you absolutely have to do something for yourself. No, we believe that you deserve to access the magic of touch - that renewal, reflection and relaxation that are a necessary part of a balanced life - more often! That's why we created our Loyalty Program. For a low annual fee, you will receive unlimited services at discounted rates - so that you can look and feel your best every single day.

read more › Touch, in our modern-day society, is not a common thing between people. Sometimes we can go for weeks or even months without any physical contact with another human being. But as recent research has shown, touch is an essential aspect of our emotional well-being. And no wonder! Touch is the first sense that we acquire - in essence, it is our first language. When one receives human touch, they feel at ease. Touch can give us support and comfort during times of distress. It is also associated with feelings of joy, love, gratitude, reward and compassion, as well as a stronger immune system!

read more › Here at Rubs Massage Studio, our mission statement includes the intention to give back to our community and our world; we do this through donations. Our chosen areas of focus are children's programs and animal programs. In addition to this, we also focus on miscellaneous programs that our clients are involved in. Giving back helps us build and maintain a strong, healthy, and happy community! That is why we love doing our part to give back to other community members. Mail us or fax us a written request with a short explanation of what the organization does.

read more › Rubs knows massage, and it knows what it takes to succeed as a massage therapist - this is one of the things that sets Rubs apart in the market. Rubs was founded by a massage therapist, Shelene Taylor. Shelene, building on her own experience as a massage therapist, developed a unique business model that has grown into a thriving company we know as Rubs Massage Studios today. At the center of this business model are our therapists. Rubs really believes that one of the best things for company development is to support the growth of our therapists.

read more › Every massage is CUSTOMIZED to meet your needs! Whether you are looking for deep tissue, pain relief, prenatal, sports massage, or to simply de-stress and relax, we match you up with your IDEAL THERAPIST! The perfect treatment, with time for a full body plus effective focus work on the areas that need it. This is the best choice if you are unable to receive regular monthly massage. For those that want to revel in bodywork, plenty of time for reaching and releasing all the chronic pain areas and relax fully in a state of bliss.

read more › Appear ageless at any age! Revitalize your skin with the Eminence Organic Anti-Aging skin care system that effectively fights visible signs of aging. This facial features key ingredients such as skin-plumping Hyaluronic Acid, natural Retinol alternative, and Apple Stem Cell technology. As a result, it will leave you with smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin! Tired of fighting those dark spots? This facial is for you! Reverse hyperpigmentation naturally with Eminence Bright. These skin care products contain Natural Hydroquinone Alternative, Bearberry Extract, and Gigawhite-a botanical complex of seven Swiss alpine plants that helps remove age spots and concentrations of melanin in your skin.

read more › Imagine that time stands still, where you ease into tranquility and relaxation, allowing you to slow down. Tune out everyday life and tune into your inner world. Our rewarding therapeutic packages will take you on a journey - One that you can take any day of the week. Choose from the Getaway or Escape. Indulge in a personal getaway for ultimate relaxation - this is your time, and our wellness professionals are here to provide you with extraordinary services. We bring you back to a natural state of health.

read more › Say goodbye to those nasty razor bumps! Our waxing features SMOOTH and long lasting results - your comfort and satisfaction guaranteed. FEEL PAMPERED by our skincare experts. Are you tired of dryness and irritation caused by traditional shaving, or frustrated by how your skin reacts to at-home waxing? Try our professional waxing services - your ultimate solution for Silky-Smooth Skin in Tucson and Southern Arizona!

read more › Every massage is customized to meet your needs! Whether you are looking for deep tissue, pain relief, prenatal, sports massage, or to simply de-stress and relax, we match you up with your ideal therapist! Many in the medical and wellness industries have begun seeing the amazing positive benefits of hemp extract in battling chronic pain, and relieving inflammation. This safe and natural ingredient - going by the unassuming acronym CBD - has been delivering results for many years now. The goal of this service is to reduce inflammation, alleviate chronic pain and stimulate the release of endorphins.

read more › Give us an HOUR of your time, and we will give YOU the best experience in massage and skin care. We can help you relax with a pampering massage or rejuvenating skin care treatment. With so many convenient Rubs Massage locations, it is easy to find a studio that is close to you. As a result, you can get the regular treatments you desire to help you look and feel fantastic all year long.

read more › At Rubs Massage Studio Chandler you are in good hands and it shows. We maintain 5-Star Ratings on Google, Facebook, and YELP. Most recently we were Voted BEST Massage Near Me in Chandler AZ. Come see us and feel the difference. More than just Chandler Massage Therapy, we offer skin care, facials, hair removal, & much more. Rubs Massage Studio - Chandler welcomes you to spend an hour with us to experience relaxation and relief from the aches and pains that have been keeping you down. Just Google "Massage Chandler" to see our reviews.

read more › Everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time, and you shouldn't have to travel far to find the relaxing experience you need. With Rubs Massage Studio's convenient Oracle location, you can easily fit a massage, a facial, or waxing services into your busy day. We offer a range of massage types to cater to anyone, including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, and aromatherapy massage. These services are performed by our exceptional massage therapists. Our staff will always welcome you with a smile, whether you make an appointment or stop in on a walk-in basis.

read more › At Rubs Massage Studio - Oro Valley, we are here to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, no matter what your individual needs are. Massage therapy can be beneficial for anyone, but everyone has unique needs and preferences, and we cater to them all with our friendly, experienced staff. They specialize in deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, and sports massage, so you can book just the right experience to unwind, rejuvenate, or repair and recover. You can also expect fantastic skincare services and facials.

read more › Whether you have an appointment or come in on a walk-in basis, you can always expect a warm welcome at Rubs Massage Studio - Rita Ranch. At this location, you can find massage services, facials and spa skin care, and waxing services, all within a convenient drive of Vail, Southeast Tucson, and Rita Ranch. Our staff of talented licensed massage therapists and skincare specialists take their time with each client to understand exactly what they want and need from their services. We provide Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, sports massage, aromatherapy massage, and prenatal massage, so you can find an experience that is as gentle and relaxing-or deep and therapeutic-as you prefer.

read more › When you walk into Rubs Massage Studio - Sahuarita, you will forget about your busy surroundings and be overcome with a sense of calm serenity. As our friendly staff greets you, you will feel welcomed and ready to enjoy an exceptional massage or facial to erase the stressors of your week and bring some much-needed relaxation to your life. We offer therapeutic massage services, and our talented massage therapists can cater to each and every client's unique needs and preferences. Whether you are in search of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or prenatal massage in Sahuarita, you can find them with our conveniently located studio.

read more › When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage? If it's been too long since you've relaxed with a professional massage, then a visit to Rubs Massage Studio - Wilmot may be just what you need. We provide exceptional massage services for everyone with light pressure, deep tissue, trigger point, sports, and stress massage provided by our talented staff of licensed massage therapists. Book a massage, or drop in on a walk-in basis. You can also book skincare services and facials, including organic Eminence Facials, waxing, and reiki.

read more › With so many different types of massage available, massage therapy is something that everyone can enjoy. Massage may help you repair sore muscles or sports injuries, relax and reduce stress, or simply improve your mood and help you unwind. Let Rubs Massage Studio - Wrightstown help you discover which type of massage is suited to you with the help of our talented, diverse staff of licensed massage therapists. Our staff is available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. We also have a licensed esthetician on staff to provide waxing, facials, and skincare.

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