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Welcome to a practice created to provide my clients with the benefits of immediate relaxation as we work together to create long-term results. I believe massage is an essential part of maintaining a healthy, pain-free body and is a powerful tool in any holistic health plan. Massaage is an art and a skill. Our specialty is combining therapeutic massage with laser therapy to reduce pain and improve the health of the tissue.

This naturally results in stress relief as well. We feel this is an unbeatable combination for getting to the bottom of stubborn injuries or everyday tension and repetitive strain. Smooth river rocks are heated and used to create deliciously warm, moist heat, enhancing deep relaxation. This innovative treatment effectively softens the rigidity and changes the appearance of scar tissue.

Laser light reduces pain and inflammation: safe, effective, painless. Has no adverse side effects. It's actually healing and improving tissue and increasing energy in cells, during and after treatment.

read more › Betsy Heintz, HHP is a licensed Massage Therapist with 15 years experience helping her clients regain balance and energy through specialized techniques including massage, custom stretching, hot stone treatments, and fascial release. She also offers a natural scar-minimization treatment. She believes that we have the power to heal ourselves and brings this knowledge to her clients. She believes the body's wisdom is supported with deep-relaxation and results-oriented massage that create lasting change.

read more › Deep tissue massage effectively releases hyper-irritable spots in muscles (knots). The focused pressure resolves tension in painful areas, increasing the blood flow to tissues that have become adhered and stagnant. When a muscle is chronically tight it begins to calcify, becoming more like a bone than a muscle. This often happens on top of the shoulders where many of us carry our stress. Deep tissue massage and focused pressure can help stop this process and introduce oxygen-rich blood to the tissues resulting in healthier, more relaxed muscles that are able to carry out their jobs without pain and fatigue.

read more › Laser light showers cells with energy. This energy powers tissue to repair itself. This speeds up the metabolism in cells and increases their efficiency detoxing and healing themselves. Laser light provides extra energy helping muscles relax and providing relief from even chronic pain! 4000 Scientific Studies have been performed on Laser Light and there are virtually no side effects. Cartilage production -increases building blocks of collagen and cartilage production for joint health. Low level laser (photobiomodulation) has been found to be safe and effective for reducing pain and inflammation.

read more › Work Without Pain's powerful techniques used in conjunction with dynamic communication between employee and therapist get to the source of, and resolve, restricted movements and pain. Work Without Pain sessions take place in the workplace, clothed, and are scheduled to maximize convenience for both the employer and employee. These sessions consist of deep massage combined with myofascial release; they target existing pain and injury with the goal of interceding before musculoskeletal pain becomes an advanced condition requiring medical intervention and the steep cost that involves.

read more › Betsy Heintz HHP Massage Therapy is a private practice providing a broad range of massage therapy services. If you're looking for effective, results-driven massage therapy, Betsy Heintz HHP Massage is the place for you. From muscle-specific, deep tissue massage to reflexology, we can help you reduce pain, recover from injury and reduce stress and anxiety.

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