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Neva Massage & Yoga Studio Neva Gallegos founded Neva Massage and Yoga Studio in 2018 with the goal of making people's bodies feel better and reducing their pain. Her journey as a massage therapist began 13 years ago when she had her own experience with back pain. As a new mom, she pulled her back out by simply reaching to pick up her son. Her massage therapist was able to resolve her injury and she had the goal of helping others ever since.

Over the years, she has developed a unique blend of massage techniques, known as a "Neva Massage, " which works therapeutically to address common low back and upper back discomforts. Her staff of Experienced Massage Therapists complete her signature training program to provide clients with the highest quality care.

read more › A Therapeutic NEVA Massage is a clinical, therapeutic massage that works on the structure of the body to get it out of pain. It addresses the source of the issue to help correct any postural problems. We begin by releasing the hips to stabilize the pelvis, then manipulating the connective tissue of chest, shoulders, and neck to promote circulation, soften the tissue and release tension that causes discomfort. A unique blend of modalities are utilized including A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) commonly known as sports massage, Passive Release Technique, SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique), massage manipulation and stretching.

read more › This 12 week program is designed for clients who suffer from chronic pains due to structural imbalances. Our goal is to restore balance to opposing muscle groups and retrain your body's tissues to stay in alignment. We want to get you back to the activities you love without the pain that keeps you from them. Stretching will be performed during every session to lengthen isotonic muscles and bring opposing muscles into neutral. Your Massage Therapist will design your individual program to include stretching exercises which you will take home to perform daily.

read more › Classes are still $5 all week every week and we have added an unlimited monthly pass for $35!. Our Studio location may have changed but we still have the same teachers with that same great classes. We will also be welcoming two new teachers with an added Saturday class. We will use vinyasa to warm the body and explore strength, balance and flexibility through standing and sitting postures. Modifications and ways to intensify will be offered to adapt the practice to meet individual needs. Our Gentle Yoga class provides a safe, effective, compassionate, and non-competitive environment that is welcoming to all.

read more › I've been missing my yoga classes at my gym due to scheduling and quarantine, Neva Massage and Yoga Studio found a way to make it happen. My friend and I had our first virtual yoga class with Samantha tonight and it worked perfectly!. Neva is AMAZING! I'm PROUD to say I have been treated by Neva for more than two years and she's been an ENORMOUS help is resolving many prior health issues as well as assisting me in resolving new arising issues. I'm a person that enjoys active sports and I couldn't be nearly the person I am without her help.

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