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Deep Tissue Massage: Focusing on specific areas of concern. Focusing on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding, muscles, bones, and joints) Highly beneficial for releasing chronic tension. Targets inner myofascial layers for deeper relief. Cupping Therapy: using negative pressure, it lifts and separates the tissue.

It creates space which allows better circulation, better range of motion and less pain. Benefits Of Cupping: Cupping encourages circulation, alleviates adhesions (lift and separates tissue) helps clear congestion whether it's in the lung or physical, lifts/rehydrates and manipulates fascia, it also strengthens the immune system. It provides space where it's lacking.

Cupping alleviates excessive pressure on sensory organs which leads to reduction in pain, such as restless leg syndrome. Cupping can go as deep as 2.5 to 4 inches. Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage: therapist uses feet to provide deep compression, gliding strokes. Utilizes bodyweight and barefoot to apply a deeply relaxing and therapeutic massage.

read more › Graduated From Nori Kohana Massage Academy in Kailua. Born And Raised In Hilo. I Have A Blending Experience in Unique Modalities Such As Deepfeet Barefoot and Sarga Silk Bodywork. I Offer A Variety Of Massages That Are Customized To Address Your Specific Needs And Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Your Session.

read more › Inhalexhale wholeheartedly believes in self-care as a way of healing and overall wellness. I carefully and thoughtfully created a membership program for you that stands in line with my mission to help relieve, relax, and recover. Your commitment to an Inhalexhale membership is also a commitment to be the best version of yourself. Inhalexhale Membership is perfect for people who love massages (and all of their great associated health benefits!) and are fans of saving money. Monthly massages help build an effective self-care routine, a healthy wellness lifestyle.

read more › My professional ethical code of conduct that requires me to make sure boundaries are clear, and massage therapist-client relationships must be kept professional, or be terminated if things become personal. Additionally, I have a zero tolerance policy and any sexual advances, innuendo, or inappropriate touching is grounds for immediate termination of your session. Arousal is a natural parasympathetic response, so don't feel guilty. However, understand that is not my intention to arouse you. My professional ethical code of conduct that requires me to make sure boundaries are clear.

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