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Joshua Alexander, CMT Usually people seek out massage because they want to change their experience of life in their body. There are so many ways to feel bad-from headaches to hunched shoulders, neck and carpal tunnel issues from computer work, low back pain and tightness, soreness from the gym or sports, plantar fasciitis, and these are just some of the most common-which means there are so many ways to feel better now!

Whether the stress is from work or personal life, stress wears on the body and mind. Sometimes it's chronic and ongoing, other times it's intense but limited to a particular life circumstance such as breakup/divorce, grief, or transition. Especially in busy San Francisco many find it difficult to prioritize self-care. Having extra support can make all the difference.

There are so many demands on our attention that it can be easy to lose touch with your body. The opportunity is to restore a sense of alignment and feel more connection within yourself. I greatly appreciate your caring and comfort as I work through this-you are gifted, and I am lucky that you have such a gift that you are so willing to share.

read more › We worry about how well humanity is taking care of the earth, but how well do we take care of our bodies? We want peace and connection in the world instead of conflict, but how connected are we to ourselves? How often do we feel in conflict with ourselves, with our bodies? It can be hard to create joy when our bodies are in pain or discomfort. It can be difficult to feel fully alive when we're so stressed and disconnected from ourselves that our only choice is between feeling bad and barely feeling at all.

read more › Each session is a unique experience resulting from the combination of your needs, desires, and intentions with my best ability to help you with them. I can draw from various modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, craniosacral, myofascial work, different kinds of energy work, and others. My work is always growing and changing as I learn from continuing education classes and practice both giving and receiving bodywork. Scheduling your first session begins with a quick phone call so we can talk about what you would like and get you on the calendar.

read more › Because I consider the setting in which the massage takes place to be as important as the massage itself, my studio is designed to be as relaxing and healing as possible. The heated massage table features a digital table warmer and special foam face cradle that conforms to your facial features. Better than simpler memory foams, this foam uses millions of tiny cells, each of which independently conforms and supports, offering firmer support in cooler areas and a softer, plusher support in warmer areas.

read more › I schedule all appointments in advance. If you are looking for a massage for today, I suggest booking two appointments: one with another practitioner (I can refer you to some other excellent massage therapists) and a second appointment with me 1 to 4 weeks from now. This will ensure that you get a session with me and give you some momentum toward regular self-care. Or, you can text or email me. Please let me know three days (with timeframes) that work for you, and I can usually work with at least one of them.

read more › The next step is to have a free consultation call. During the call we'll talk about what you're wanting, answer any questions you might have, and discern whether or not working together would be a good fit. Then I can recommend a course of action and we can schedule our first session. Please enter at least three days & times that would work for you to have a phone consultation. Please say a bit about what's going on for you and your body, what you would like to get out of massage therapy, etc.

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