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Erica Dawn Acupuncture Are you suffering with Pain, Stress, or a Chronic Condition and are looking for a safe, effective, and proven solution? We are here to help. If you are feeling disconnected with your body, out of balance, uncomfortable, tired, and overwhelmed due to the stress of quarantine, an injury, or you are stuck in a loop of pain and symptoms - we have the solution you are searching for.

Our unique combination of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, and Energy Healing will get you feeling better FAST! There is a pattern of energy (a feeling or frequency) that is related to the creation of your symptoms. This misaligned energy becomes a blueprint, altering your physical health subconsciously. Until the energy signature of a pattern changes, no amount of action will fix or heal what is running under the surface.

This is the real reason why you continue to suffer. Believe it or not, your symptoms are actually present because your body is trying to HELP you to resolve this pattern of energy! You can continue to treat the symptoms, or you can heal from the root.

read more › If you're ready to end the cycle of pain and symptoms, it's your time to heal, and I am ready to help you! My role is not only to ease your pain, stress, and suffering, but to be your guide on your healing journey. Believe it or not, there is purpose and potential in your pain. When symptoms are transformed at the root, you are unlocking new patterns of energy and aspects of yourself. In my experience, a healing journey can be the catalyst that opens up new opportunities in all aspects of your life!

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