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Massage involves manipulating the body with pressure to stimulate structured or unstructured muscles by manual motion, vibration or with mechanical aids/device. Don't just think of massage as one-time treat or reward for a though week. Regular massages elevates your emotions, smoothing out the rough spots, and making it easier to deal with life's curve balls.

Benefits of massage go beyond rubbing off the stresses and strains of the moment: Increasing flexibility and blood circulation, Strengthening immune system, Managing pain, Enhancing athletic performance, Reducing BP, Emotional balance. Facials cleanse skin from pollutants. Helps to rejuvenate and improve skin texture & tone, increasing blood flow = more oxygen + nutrients to face, which translates to healthier cells.

There are many types of facials based on your skin type or condition, medical history/allergies or sensitivities. I care about your health. My goal at Blissful Healing therapy is for each individual to enjoy their experience, whether relaxing or remedial and to maintain a wellness regiment through regular therapeutic body maintenance.

read more › I am so passionate about Wellness & beauty, I hold a sacred place for healing through the integration of Eastern and Western modalities. The body is like a puzzle and I love figuring out where your problems are coming from to facilitate your recovery. I may use various tools (balls, rollers, bamboo sticks, marbles, guns or cups) to help me achieve results. But my elbows remain my strongest tools! I offer sessions that are customized to each, with a sense of decency and professionalism. I am dedicated to your modesty and comfort with an open mind, open heart and authenticity.

read more › Blissful Healing invites you to experience a tranquil and healthy escape with the sound of complete healing music. Not a fan of Spa music? While we most often associate relaxation with slow, quite types of music; Even heavy sounds can be calming to some. We are also a Beauty & Pain management center, collaborating with chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists. Comprised of deep cleaning, exfoliation and extractions, followed by moisturizing and massage, which improves skin clarity, reduces blemishes and soothes inflammation.

read more › This spa is pretty new. It's in a conveniently located shopping center. The decor and atmosphere is inviting, and when I went in I was welcomed warmly. I was redeeming a Groupon for a massage and it was a great experience. Nadia was an awesome massage therapist. She's very friendly, knowledgable with her massage, and once we started talking she had lots of words of wisdom! I enjoyed talking to her during my massage but in the beginning she was quiet, so I think she'll match whatever you want (talking to you if you're comfortable/staying quiet if you want a zen experience).

read more › Cancelling more than 2X for the same appt will automatically forfeit the redemption of any vouchers/coupon. Your Groupon voucher, Class Pass reservation, Spa Finder gift may not be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts or for multiple visits. Purchase of a Class Pass @ Blissful Healing Therapy or purchase of a Groupon to Nadia @Blissful Healing Wellness constitutes acceptance of BHT terms and conditions; As stated above. Plus any fine prints stated on your Class Pass, Spa Finder gift card and Groupon purchase.

read more › Take control of your health with these essentials: doTERRA pure essential oils are very potent. Whether you are applying oils topically, consuming them internally, or using them aromatically, essential oils empower individuals to naturally maintain their health and the health of their family, and of their Pets with the utmost confidence. The answer can be found in personal experience. You can be confident in your approach as you discover simple, safe and empowering solutions. As you personally experience these powerful benefits, you will understand why doTERRA is revolutionizing the way families manage their health.

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