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Vidura Spa Vidura is an affordable, yet stylish, full service Thai themed day spa in San Antonio TX with a rarely seen synergy between the beauty world and the massage world. What does this mean for you? More value, more choice and more style for a competitive price without the hassle of a membership. Our customers love us because we make them look beautiful, remove their stress and let their spirit soar.

So come in & meet our team of experts in the field of nails, massage, eyelashes and more, and let them help you reach your Enlightened State. See just how we stack up here.

read more › San Antonio is growing and with that growth comes amazing cultures from all over the world. Strangely though, there are no Thai centric massages or day spas in San Antonio even though every major city in the U.S., including Houston and Dallas, have many. We plan on changing that and introducting San Antonio to Vidura's Thai Hospitility and Blissful Tranquility. What or who is a Vidura? Vidura is a historical name coming from Thailand or parts of India and it means precious stone or sapphire, and that is exactly what you are to us, a precious gem.

read more › Vidura is your one stop day spa in San Antonio which grants you access to total freedom of choice. Freedom of choice to get a relaxing massage and a refreshing pedicure in one day and receive a stunning eyelash extension plus waxing the next. We can even provide you with everything all in one sitting. You can also feel free and confident performing multiple services because your costs go down on reoccurring visits through ViduraRewards, VIP, Gift Certificates, & various discounts.

read more › San Antonio, this is our promise to you. We will never do the hard sell on you regarding facial or cosmetic products during your visit as this may make your experience less memorable. We will make suggestions and provide expert advice but we will not insist you buy our products. Why? Because we want you to see and feel the results of the service and products we are providing and let you make up your own mind. Our focus is on providing you a memorable experience and tangible results. Product sales are a far second.

read more › In search of one of the best massage places in San Antonio? We've been waiting for you. Did you know that massage is a form of meditation, only with another's assistance? Massage is the ultimate stress reliever. Is it any wonder that doctors are discussing massage with thier patients more than ever; or why more insurance plans are now covering or reimbursing for massage? It's something we at Vidura have known for quite awhile, that massage is great for you. Let one of our expert massage therapists put your mind at ease.

read more › We are constantly rated as one of the best nail salons in San Antonio. Why? Keep reading. There are many nail salons in San Antonio but we take the utmost care to protect your nail's natural surface. One thing you won't find in our spa is offensive nail orders given off by traditional acrylic EMA (ethyl methacrylate). We pride ourselves on being traditional acrylate free. There really is no reason to use traditional acrylic any longer when you have a wide variety of far superior products on the market such as powder and gel.

read more › Thai foot massage is an ancient technique of applying pressure to various areas on the soles of the feet. Stimulation to certain areas of the foot create beneficial "reflex" actions in other parts of the body. Hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles and small wooden rods are used to massage areas of the foot. The secrets of Reflexology were passed down through generations of monks close to the Thai Royal Palace. Today, Wat Pho is the world renown school and holder of Thai body and foot massage knowledge.

read more › Many consider Vidura as one of the best eyelash extensions in San Antonio. Why? Attention to detail. We care and we really do want you to catch that someone specials eyes with your eyes. Or maybe just do it for you. Whatever the reason or occasion, feel confident knowing we use only the best lash kits in the world by Minky Products. Vidura is the best in business when it comes to eye lash extensions. We take our time and make sure your lashes are done to your satisfaction. For more information on lash extensions please see here.

read more › Experience true Thai hospitality and relaxation in this massage tour. Includes Full 60 minute Mandala Bliss Essential Oils Massage, 60 minute Thai Paradise Facial, and 40 minute Sabai Classic Pedicure. A timeless classic that puts you and the one you love together in peaceful bliss without the distractions of the world. Includes two 60 minute Mandala Bliss Essential Oils Massage. Add an Enlightenment upgrade such as hot stone or Thai/Swedish massage for a more complete package. Put yourself in another state of mind with this head to toe package.

read more › We give our Vidura guests the royal treatment by providing outstanding Thai hospitality service and benefits with the most features. See just how we stack up here. We believe massage & beauty services should fit with almost everyone's lifestyle budget. To add to the excitment we offer ViduraRewards which builds SerenityPoints on every paying visit. Vidura also has luxurious VIP package services for special occasions. Your options are only limited by your imagination. What makes us tick? We pride ourselves on providing 60 minute massages that are the same price as the big chains 50 minute massages and without monthly membership & fees.

read more › You deserve even more than the best massage and a stunning look San Antonio and we give you more. For starters we provide complimentary Republic of Tea in a variety of flavors such as Chai tea, Ginger Peach, Roobibos Vanilla, Green tea and others. In addition, we also make available complementary high-end coffees and espresso's plus various Thai health drinks. Drinks are available to all serviced guests. At Vidura we don't serve alcoholic drinks because we are reaching for a more holistic approach for you.

read more › We value you as a guest and as a part of our great appreciation, we want to give back to you in the form of rewards which offer additional discounts or in some cases even free products and services. With ViduraRewards you'll earn 20 SerenityPoints with every $1 dollar spent on Vidura Gift Cards/Certificates and Vidura retail products. In addition you'll receive 20 SerenityPoints with every $1 dollar spent in the Vidura Spa on any service. 1 ViduraDollar has the same buying power as 1 US Dollar within the Vidura Day Spa and may be used on any Vidura product or service.

read more › Being more peaceful and confident allows you to enjoy your precious time with yourself & with your family and friends even better, it enriches your life and well being. Our Thai hospitality, tranquil massages, and stylish beauty services assist in these matters. Now imagine having more money for things you want to do, whether it's shopping for those must have shoes or donating money to that worthy non-profit organization you love. Vidura helps on both accounts by providing spa services at or under market (especially when discounts, gift certificates or SerenityPoints are taken into account) & by donating a small portion of your money spent to noteworthy non-profits*.

read more › Under the hood of Vidura is the family and staff engine which makes Vidura the place that it is. The force and co-founder that started this whole momentum is Wai (pronounced Y), or better known as Saffron by her friends & long time guests. Saffron began her beauty studies back in the mid to late 90's with 8 months at Hanako (the top Japanese facial school in Asia), and then after a year and a half of study at Rungrit and Beauty Systems Institute she became certified in full cosmetology and massage.

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