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Selah cares deeply about our craft and cultivates an experience that consistently brings our clients relief. From warmed stones and lavender infused towels, to sessions that are custom tailored to suit your specific needs, we seek to deliver a profoundly purposeful experience. With her knowledge of muscle anatomy, different types of massage, and soothing environment, Amy Ritter creates the ultimate massage experience.

I declare with confidence that she is the best masseuse I have ever visited. She starts with a consultation about your trouble spots and then seamlessly works from one to the next using her time wisely to deliver you a richly customized, luxuriously relaxing and abundantly purposeful massage. Bye, bye, tension!.

read more › I've taken careful measure to ensure a restorative space for you to be still; to rest, repair and renew. Our cozy office is conveniently located in the lakeside village of Wayzata within Vaida Wellness. Through our mobile services, Selah brings restorative comforts to you for your convenience whether in home, office, venue; Selah caters our services to transport our clients to bliss! Amy chose massage therapy as a career to assist with pain and stress management while inspiring and promoting wellness.

read more › Gently focus on your breathing. This calms the nervous system, provides your body with vital oxygen, and relaxes your mind. To allow for optimal benefit, please communicate immediately if you feel discomfort so that another approach may be taken. During massage, metabolic waste that has been trapped in contracted muscle tissue - due to restricted blood flow - is released and pushed out of the tissue. Hydrating your body by increasing water intake before and after massage will help facilitate the flushing process more efficiently.

read more › Selah's certified therapists bring their love of massage and wellness to you, offering a unique and beneficial addition to your next event! Make Selah Massage & Bodywork your trusted resource at your next event, we are happy to assist you with creating a mobile massage tailored to your needs! Selah specializes in corporate health and wellness as more companies implement on-site massage for special events, health fairs, or as a much-deserved ovation for employees with outstanding performance. Our therapeutic services are a wonderful investment to make in your staff; they will relieve tension, improve performance and productivity, and show your employees that you have a genuine concern for their well-being, helping your company attract, retain, and develop high quality personnel.

read more › Selah is privileged to provide massage and bodywork on location, backstage at concert venues, festivals, and theaters for music and entertainment industry professionals. We truly understand the high-stress environment & unpredictable schedule that is part of stage, film & TV industry and we cater our services to transport our clients to bliss - even amidst production chaos. We offer both table and chair massage and come to your select location or venue for your convenience. Our team is composed of respected certified and insured professionals who deliver the highest quality treatments in the industry and strive to do all they can to make the lives of performers and crew members more comfortable.

read more › Each session is custom tailored to suit your needs. Prior to your massage, we will briefly discuss your goals and how you would like to conduct your session time; orchestrating a treatment plan exclusively for you. Composed of detailed, focused massage techniques, we use your time wisely to bring about positive change! Harmonize your full body relaxation massage with specific work on tight areas, bringing about rejuvenation and balance ~or~ focus entirely on your troubled spots for lasting relief.

read more › Of the many items/pillows I've tried offering positional/tension release, Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle is my #1 Go-To. Myself and my clients have gotten great relief from headaches as well as neck and shoulder tension. It's unique cervical shaped positions your neck while allowing gravity to provide a gentle traction to the base of your skull helping to release tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw. The Real Ease encourages your natural "C" curve of the upper cervical spine; this helps ' unhinge' locked up anterior neck muscles, allowing over stretched, fatigued posterior neck and shoulder muscles much needed slack, bringing relief.

read more › Over the years, I have been primarily offering on-site massage in corporate settings, retreat centers and concert venues in addition to my in home office practice. I have loved this business model and feel so privileged to have worked with so many top companies and music tours, then the world. It was about a year and a half ago when I embarked on a new massage endeavor; an office who's employees are responsible for, through careful and rigorous effort, fabricating life saving devices. They are seated for most of their shift, and their tasks require meticulous detailed work along with.

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