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Raven Bodywork At Raven Bodywork, I help you tune in to your own amazing body so that you can unwind, shift and heal. I support you in honoring your body & transforming patterns of tension to increase your sense of well-being and cultivate a joyful connection with your body. During your massage & bodywork session, I follow the lead of your unique body.

I use my training & experience to facilitate release of your pain, stress & fatigue, unwind restrictions, encourage fluid patterns of movement, and support your body in healing from trauma.I help you to relax, slow down, and connect with your body in powerful ways that support transformation toward healing & wellness. My massage practice is consent based, trauma informed, ability aware, gender inclusive, size affirming & fat positive.

You will never be shamed for your physical appearance, movement abilities, physical and/or mental differences, or life experiences and background. I encourage you to never apologize for your body. Rebecca's ability to work with the fascia & underlying muscle is amazing.

read more › Becoming a massage therapist has been a vital part of my own journey toward a positive, joyful, and thriving relationship with my body. Like so many others, I was steeped in body-negative messages, images and experiences while I was growing up. I internalized a lot of shame and pain in my own body. When I chose to become a bodyworker, it was a part of my path toward treating myself gently, prioritizing what feels good, and connecting with my own deep and intuitive body knowledge. Now, I have the great honor of helping other people discover what is possible in their own bodies.

read more › In this style of massage, I tune in to the interconnected layers of fascia and muscle throughout your body, and follow their lead to help you shift and release patterns of tension and restriction. Fascia is connective tissue that wraps around our muscles, organs & bones. All of the fascia in our body is interwoven, and fascial restrictions in one area can impact other areas. By identifying and targeting specific muscles, ligaments and tendons, and 'listening' to the patterns of restriction and flow, I am able to identify and help your body unwind restrictive patterns.

read more › The job of the lymphatic system is to help rid the body of toxins, waste and unwanted materials by transporting lymph, a fluid that carries infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout your body. Lymphatic massage is a light and rhythmic style of massage that supports your lymphatic system in moving lymph more effectively, and can alleviate swelling and encourage a healthy immune response. Receiving lymphatic massage pre and post surgery, and after an injury, helps to reduce swelling, support your immune system, and promote healing.

read more › In deep tissue massage, I use a variety of techniques to target muscles and connective tissue below the surface to relieve severe and chronic tension. I work slowly and thoroughly so that you can experience deep relief without causing further damage or pain. This kind of massage can help improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface.

read more › In scar tissue massage, I apply myofascial release techniques to external and internal scar tissue to gently release adhesions, decrease pain and improve mobility. While scar tissue is an incredible and necessary part of our bodies innate healing abilities, it can also contribute to restrictions, pain and discomfort over time. It is beneficial to receive work on scars from surgeries or injuries as soon as the wound is healed to prevent adhesions from forming and help scar tissue remain loose and pliable.

read more › A Swedish massage uses smooth, gliding strokes with massage oil or cream to guide you into a state of calm relaxation. The focus of this type of massage is to ease your stress and gently reduce tension throughout your body. This rhythmic, classic style of massage is excellent for promoting health by encouraging relaxation and stress-reduction.

read more › Intra-oral massage is a therapeutic massage done on the inside of your mouth. Massage in this area can release tension in the jaw, teeth, face, neck, and head. It is extremely beneficial in relieving headaches, jaw, face, and neck pain, and is especially helpful for those with TMJ Disorder. I have a certification to provide intra-oral massage on my state massage license, and have received specialized training on working in this area. Nitrile gloves are used as a barrier. This service can be included with any other type of full body or therapeutic massage.

read more › Receiving work for the full chest, including breast tissue, can alleviate upper back, neck and shoulder pain & tension, assist in recovery from shoulder and back injuries, and support breathing and healthy posture. It is particularly helpful in preparing for or recovering from surgeries in this area, such as gender affirming top surgery or mastectomy due to breast cancer. I have a certification from the Washington State Department of Health to provide therapeutic massage for the full chest/breast area, regardless of gender.

read more › Have been a client of Rebecca's for over a year now, and I will be a client of hers forever. Twice a month, she helps alleviate my stress, my aches, and just seems to know exactly what needs attention. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist and as a very peaceful, centered woman. Her client room is spa-like and welcoming, the music is soothing, etc. All of that makes Rebecca the best! -Rita W. Getting massage from Rebecca is much more than a typical massage, because Rebecca has the knowledge, skill and intuition of a healer.

read more › Our bodies are good. They are intelligent and intuitive, and they know what they need. Many of us, however, have had traumatic or painful experiences that interfere with our ability to feel and access our deep body knowledge. These disconnections may have developed in response to physical trauma, such as car accidents or work injuries, or even as the result of overtraining in a sport or performing art that we love. Emotionally, mentally, or sexually traumatic experiences can also cause us to disconnect from our bodies, causing physical repercussions that may be long lasting.

read more › I encourage each of my clients to undress to the level of their own comfort. For some, this means removing all of their clothing, and for others it means leaving on most of their clothing. Whatever choice you make about undressing is completely up to you. For myofascial release work, which is done without oils or lotions, I can easily work through layers of clothing, especially if you choose clothing that is soft and pliable (ie it is easy to work through sweatpants or leggings but not jeans). If you do choose to undress partially or completely, you will always be covered by a sheet throughout the massage, except in the areas where I am working.

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