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read more › A breakthrough non-surgical treatment: Tone your butt without doing a million squats; tone your abs without a single crunch. Facials using the Environ DF Machine, which enhances the penetration of vitamins and other beneficial molecules. A facial with targeted massage techniques to reshape, firm, and tone the skin using a combination of electric currents. Since 2008, Rachel Lozina, our spa's owner, has been committed to educating and treating her clients. Having spent years working with top Manhattan
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read more › Relaxation and stress reduction are the heart of what we offer at Dreamscape Massage. Swedish, Deep Tissue, and other modalities are used to customize your massage to create a heavenly experience. Let us lead you on a journey, far far away from everyday cares, worries, and stresses. Life is a limited time offer. Take time to pamper yourself!
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read more › Join us for a time of learning, touch and exploration. In this high-tech, low-touch world we all need to learn to slow down and really appreciate our life partner or even our best friend. Let us show you how to do that by learning how to give each other an exceptional massage. We promise you will have a wonderful time learning some world-class massage skills and techniques that will help you be both happier and healthier for years to come. Our couples workshops are designed to help bring partners
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read more › Conveniently located in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of North Seattle, we are a group of experienced practitioners providing a variety of treatment techniques to support your health and well-being. We invite you to experience our peaceful, welcoming environment as you enhance your wellness. Relaxes tight muscles and calms the nervous system. Relaxation/stress reduction massage has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and release endorphins for an enhanced feeling of well-being
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read more › Massage For Seattle Inc. offers a "Swedish" style Massage therapy, Hot Stone therapy, Temple Style Lomi lomi, Sugar scrubs, body wraps, Sarga bodywork, and shirodhara. Wendell Dyck, LMT, is our relaxation specialist. His massage therapy draws from many modalities including Hawaiian LomiLomi, Ayurvedic, traditional Western as well as deep tissue techniques. Providing high quality relaxation massage therapy services at convenient times including weekends and evenings in Burien and twice a month in
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read more › I created Massage Reimagined to challenge everything that we know about what massage is as well as what massage can be. I hand-picked some of the most amazing, creative, and inspiring massage therapists that I have taught or worked with in the last 10 years and created a space where they can be truly creative and do their best work without being limited by the suffocating corporate structures and bland assembly line approaches that are starting to become the norm in our industry. So please, come
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read more › Hello I am Tierza Clerc owner and massage therapist at Utopian Hands Massage Therapy. I have been doing massage therapy since 1998. Utopian Hands Massage Therapy has been in business since 1999 and located in West Seattle since 2001. I grew up giving and receiving massages with my grandmother as some of my earliest memories. I deeply believe that massage is a vital part of our human experience. I do not believe we get and give enough healthy touch in today's society. I believe that part of my role
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read more › My mission is to be there when you need it with the skill to help you heal, relax, and feel more comfortable in your body. I can travel to you any day except Saturday or you can visit me at my office in Seattle Fridays or Sundays. I put my full focus, effort, and intention into crafting the results you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each treatment is customized to give you the maximum benefit. Whether you require deep pressure to release muscle knots or a calming experience to reduce stress
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read more › I provide massage therapy with a focus on addressing areas of chronic or acute pain and helping to improve physical and athletic performance using a variety of techniques including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular facilitation and deep tissue. I have extensive experience working with all types of clients and conditions, ranging from whiplash and other trauma related injuries to ultra-athletes and everything in between. I'm happy to discuss your particular situation and determine if I can help
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read more › Located on a marina on beautiful Lake Union, we at Seattle Massage Oasis feel blessed to have such a beautiful setting and our clients love the tranquility of being on the water. We are here to help our clients live healthier, more mobile, and pain-free lives, as well as help athletes achieve optimal comfort and performance. We are focused on injury treatment, deep tissue, and sports massage, but we of course also enjoy helping clients to relax, de-stress, and reconnect with their bodies. Seattle
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read more › Our beautiful center is located on the back half of the house. We are removed from the main road to provide you a peaceful and serene atmosphere. NW Ayurveda specializes in Consultations on Diet & Lifestyle, Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara, Herbal Steam, Panchakarma, Therapeutic Massage, Couples Massage, Ayurvedic Workshops, Semi Private Yoga and Private Yoga. As well we have Reiki, Talk Therapy, Acupuncture, and Vibrational Sound Healers at our center. Nickole is amazing, kind, caring, most encouraging
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read more › At Raven Bodywork, I help you tune in to your own amazing body so that you can unwind, shift and heal. I support you in honoring your body & transforming patterns of tension to increase your sense of well-being and cultivate a joyful connection with your body. During your massage & bodywork session, I follow the lead of your unique body. I use my training & experience to facilitate release of your pain, stress & fatigue, unwind restrictions, encourage fluid patterns of movement, and support your
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read more › Whether you are an endurance athlete, dancer, climber, weight-trainer, or simply a Pacific Northwest weekend-warrior, you push your body to grow stronger, to perform better, and to excel. You know that's the only way to keep your body and mind healthy and strong for the rest of your life. It's no secret that regular work from a massage therapy professional helps you increase performance and exceed your goals.
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read more › Medical Massage therapy is unique due to its ability to advance healing of the body after injury or surgical procedures. Medical massage is a treatment specifically performed on clients in need of. Our Wellness Massage offers a wide selection of powerful therapeutic and relaxation techniques to include during your session. Please let us know if there is a type of massage you prefer. Our staff of trained therapists offers Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, reflexology, myofascial release, sports massage
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read more › Therapeutic licensed massage in the Northgate area of Seattle by Elizabeth Richmond Posluns, LMP, Reiki level 2. Contact me to schedule an appointment, and sign up for email updates on my practice and for exclusive web offers! I strive to create a unique and fulfilling massage experience for each client. Each body is different and therefore each massage should be different and focused on the specific body at hand. I look for cues in your body to guide my bodywork. My goal is to create a holistic
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read more › I am a Seattle-based licensed massage therapist who specializes in SOMA Bodywork, deep tissue work that releases, realigns and re-educates your body. From injury treatment to simple relaxation, for more than 18 years I've worked with hundreds of people with varying needs, backgrounds and treatment goals. Almost all of them have turned into repeat clients. My objective with each session is to meet you where you are, actively listen to the story your body is telling, and help you be more in tune with
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read more › Mobile Massage Therapy in Seattle Massage at Your Home, Office, or Hotel in the Greater Seattle Area. Our licensed and experienced mobile massage therapists will travel to you, delivering the absolute best in therapeutic massage to your location, 7 days a week, from 7 AM - 10 PM. With thousands of massages and events to date and 19+ years in the business, we understand what you need and how to best deliver it. Featured corporate clients that have used our services to reward their employees with
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read more › Queen Anne Natural Health (QANH) is a Seattle acupuncture clinic serving Queen Anne and the greater Seattle area for over a decade. In addition to acupuncture & Chinese medicine, we offer therapeutic massage, chiropractic and naturopathic services. Jessica Auckly, licensed acupuncturist and owner of QANH, is proud to provide exceptional healthcare services to each and every individual. Here at our practice, we strive to maintain optimum physical and mental well-being, while communicating and ensuring
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read more › Noreen brings more than 27 years of professional massage therapy to the Ballard community. From subtle techniques calling upon gentle nuance to deep friction with precision and strength, Noreen works with confidence and skill. She has been helping clients heal from stress and injury, recover from trauma, and maintain wellness in their lives for many years.
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read more › Firefly Therapeutic Massage is owned and operated by Dana Stork (formerly Dana Gordon), Licensed Massage Therapist, located in Fremont Washington. Firefly is dedicated to providing excellent massage therapy with focus on injury prevention and treatment, relaxation and whole body wellbeing. Firefly's mission is to treat every client with kindness, respect and dignity. Through compassion and education I hope to make your massage experience more fulfilling from the moment you walk through the door
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read more › It came from the inspiration of structure that surrounds us. Just as plants and buildings have structure so do humans. Every body is unique and we treat each client with curiosity, care and planning. We are trained to evaluate you as a whole being. You have a unique blue print. Your template is one of a kind. From this perspective treatment is customized specifically for you by investigating what is being held and how it is being compensated by the rest of your structure. This is a specialized bodywork
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read more › Bastyr Graduates and good friends, Roxane Geller MS EAMP LMT and Vickie Summerquist MS EAMP LMT MPH, founded Union Wellness in 2007 to provide comprehensive holistic care to their community. They each bring 20 years of experience in the field. Together, with the other practitioners of Union Wellness, they provide acupuncture, wellness planning, herbal medicine, massage and other therapies that are tailored to the needs and story of each individual who comes to the center. The founders and practitioners
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read more › I believe that we are each on a unique journey requiring time and space to unwind. Our bodies hold on to the experiences of being alive, physically, mentally and emotionally. As we continue to move through life with experiential imprints, our bodies settle a bit, yet we persevere. Exercise, work, parenting. Maybe there's a sense of disconnection or you're muscles are just tired and tight. You may have fascial pain, or general soreness and discomfort, simply because you live. Using a blend of technique
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Lomi Massage Spa
  • Seattle, WA 98133
  • 1116 N Northgate Way
  • (206) 310-8286
Queen Anne Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98109
  • 2461 Queen Anne Ave N
  • (206) 285-8350
Sanar Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98106
  • 9839 8th Ave SW
  • (253) 561-9005
Dancing Ganesh Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98102
  • 216 Broadway E
  • (206) 323-9966
Hanson Chiropractic & Massage Clinic
  • Seattle, WA 98125
  • 11300 Roosevelt Way NE
  • (206) 306-2494
Move Free Massage Therapy
  • Seattle, WA 98126
  • 3400 Harbor Ave SW
  • (206) 429-5851
Cascadia Massage & Therapeutics
  • Seattle, WA 98104
  • 615 2nd Ave
  • (206) 274-6423
Christophers Hair & Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98136
  • 7009 California Ave SW
  • (206) 932-1760
Mindful Touch Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98117
  • 6736 15th Ave NW
  • (206) 947-5545
Massage Envy
  • Seattle, WA 98119
  • 4 West Crockett Street
  • (206) 283-1199
Upgrade Your Day Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98103
  • 4444 Woodland Park Ave N
  • (206) 535-9846
Dream Space Massage Therapy
  • Seattle, WA 98116
  • 4509 44th Ave SW
  • (206) 935-2966
Femspahhh Women Only Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98125
  • 10015 Lake City Way NE
  • (206) 303-8844
May Flower Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98133
  • 14307 Greenwood Ave N
  • (206) 775-1317
Monroe Therapeutic Massage Gumshoe Health
  • Seattle, WA 98107
  • 1801 NW Market St
  • (206) 784-2800
Emerald City Massage & Wellness
  • Seattle, WA 98105
  • 5518 Roosevelt Way NE
  • (206) 351-8464
Seattle Well Mama Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98107
  • 5470 Shilshole Ave NW
  • (206) 745-2224
Summer's Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98104
  • 624 S Jackson St
  • (206) 624-1977
Studio 738 Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98134
  • 3250 Airport Way S
  • (206) 880-3740
Greenwood Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98103
  • 6717 Greenwood Ave N
  • (206) 489-4908
Active Lifestyle Massage
  • Seattle, WA 98112
  • 2500 E Roy St
  • (206) 617-6112