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Deep Tissue Thai is full-body, deep-tissue bodywork that is designed to work holistically, helping to restore harmony to your physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Like many Eastern forms of healing, this type of bodywork is based on the belief that your energy, or life force, flows along channels within your body. When your energy is flowing freely, you feel balanced and healthy.

But any blockages in this energy flow can make you feel achy, sluggish or sick. Stress can exacerbate the situation, since it's typically during stressful times that you neglect your body, causing unprocessed emotions, toxins and tension to block you up even further.

Influenced by Traditional Thai Massage and adding the benefits of breath work, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Trigger Point Therapy and Traditional Maori Romi Romi healing, Deep Tissue Thai is a style of bodywork that is deeply transformative for body and mind.Matthew's compression technique helps to clear stuck energy that no longer serves you and helps to release tension and pain re-aligning your body so it can return to its natural state of well-being.

read more › Matthew is amazing. He has a way of dialing into your body to tap into those gold mines of trapped energy. He is gentle and unrelenting as he systematically works WITH you for the 3 hours. There is very much of an attunement and verbal exchange during the work - this is not a massage that you fall asleep on. He goes deep in a way that allows you to bring awareness, contact and release those long held tensions in your body. The energy that is released is immediate, palpable and refreshing. You have complete control if you want more pressure (and he can deliver more), less, or have him hold a spot so that you can breathe the tension away.

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