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If you live in Bend or Central Oregon and have a debilitating chronic condition, or injury, infertility challenge, or women's health challenge, and have already "been through the wringer" of doctors, chiros, and physical therapists only to be told that you are 'getting old' or that there is "nothing wrong with you", "it's all in your head", or that there is "no cure", we can help.

You're in the right place. Trusted by amateur and professional athletes, happy moms and dads, and women all across Bend and Central Oregon. Constitutional health imbalances often lead to chronic disease and hormonal imbalances that are unresponsive to traditional treatments and even surgeries. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach and rebalances the entire body, recognizing that the body is not a series of parts, rather, it is an interconnected system of interdependent parts.

This process takes place over a series of sessions, starting first by alleviating symptoms and then building momentum toward the overall goal of getting the body's internal systems balanced.

read more › Bend Center For Integrative Health And Wellness is a comprehensive wellness clinic incorporating the best of internal medicine, with body therapy, lifestyle, and mindful living coaching. Christabel Tabbada is an Oregon State, California State Licensed and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. As a former athlete, Christabel understands the unique needs of athletes of all ages. As a mother, her passion lies in the areas of women's health, couples fertility, pediatrics and family medicine.

read more › We take in many points of information from the you- from visual signs, like the way one carries oneself, to the skin tone, to aspects of health illuminated in the fingernail, tongue, and pulse that are unique to your body rhythms. Additionally, we will look at your postural patterns, individual movement patterns, and ranges of motion. We combine that with your personal health history and individualized goals to design a personalized health map- with milestones unique to YOUR needs. We are with you every step of the way from your first visit until you achieve your goals.

read more › Manny first came to Structural Integration work in an attempt to alleviate chronic pain from scoliosis. The effects of the work were real and immediate and improved with time. After three sessions he was out of pain and has been pain free since. His experience was so profound that he decided to become a practitioner to share this amazing work with others. Over the years Manny has developed a system for assessing the specific biomechanical imbalances of his clients and has developed a uniquely effective corrective exercise program.

read more › Actually, we are athletes too! As collegiate and masters athletes ourselves, we have a special affinity for helping folks heal from injury quickly as well as helping you get the most from your body. We use innovative methods for sports injury assessment and treatment- getting you up and running in the shortest period of time possible. Our center has vast resources from imaging to whole body cryotherapy, to nutritionists, to board certified sports chiropractic, physical therapy, and personal training in our exclusive, on premises gym.

read more › If you've been trying but are having trouble getting or staying pregnant, we can help! One of the most fundamental functions of humans is reproduction- If you are having trouble- then there is a very good chance that your body is out of balance. That said, there are various ways you or your spouses reproductive function may not be operating optimally. Our couples program assesses both you and your partner to determine where the imbalance lies and then we customize a program for your specific needs.

read more › Women's health may seem mysterious to many but most women's health issues are imbalances that can be corrected. For example- did you know that pain, bloating, and moodiness are typical but NOT normal for women? PCOS, Fibroids, irregular menses, endometriosis, and the like can all be corrected when your body is in balance.

read more › Structural imbalances often lead to long term pain that is unresponsive to traditional treatments and even surgeries. Structural Integration takes a holistic approach and rebalances the entire body structure, recognizing that the body is not a series of parts, rather, it is an interconnected system of interdependent parts. This process takes places over a series of sessions, each with a specific goal- and working toward the overall goal of getting the bodys tensional system balanced in the gravitational field.

read more › Classic Rolf work consists of ten sessions. This initial series works through the entire body to organize and bring the body structure to a higher level of order. The resulting functional integration of the body's parts into a whole, brings a smoother, more efficient, movement, lightness, and ease to the your overall being. Advanced work and post 10 sessions can continue to help the client achieve progressive improvement over the rest of their lives.

read more › Gravity is the force which draws us toward the center of the earth. The earths opposing force pushes up through our body. The more aligned our structure is with the gravitational field, the more evenly the upward force is distributed throughout our entire structure-effectively the earth holds us up. Because gravity is always pulling us into the earth, the more aligned our structure is with the force of gravity, the more the gravitational pull helps us to maintain balance within its field. In other words, the more aligned our structure is with the field of gravity, the less energy we expend on holding ourselves up.

read more › You and Manny will discuss your goals, body history, nutritional, and constitutional history. Manny will skillfully activate specific tissues and deactivate corresponding antagonist tissues. Manny will coach you through any suggested movements to make sure you understand how to do them such that they are supportive of your bodys structural well being.

read more › Structural Integration is a very personal experience and over the years we have found that certain people are a better fit for the work than others. Please schedule a consultation call for an evaluation of your situation and to see if you are well suited to benefit from the work. New Client Forms are available for download below.

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